Software Engineer or Businessman? Arun loves to be called by both

Arun Varghese is a Software Engineer hailing from Trivandrum, India. Currently he is the Managing Director of the renowned Bluesky Technology Consultant FZE. Arun did not make it to this height in this busy city of Dubai within the rise of a single sun, but Arun’s unwavering dedication and sincere efforts took him to where he stands today – among t...

(84675) | Published: 01/17/2019
ironman dubai

All You Want to Know about Ironman 70.3 Dubai 2019

2019 Ironman 70.3 Dubai will bring home the fourth edition of Ironman Dubai after the successful…

(84669 ) Published : 2019-01-17

kite flying

Fly back to the memories of kite-flying at Dubai International Kite Fest 2019

With the impending International Kite Fest that will mark its second successful year, the busy…

(84635 ) Published : 2019-01-16

What is all about the Street Fest in Dubai Mall?

The Dubai Mall has geared up with another surprise adding more colour and life to the DSF that…

(84629 ) Published : 2019-01-15
sanjana roy

“I was a mere zero when I first arrived here, but now I feel like home in Dubai”: Sanjana Roy

In a seemingly male-oriented world, finding a platform for oneself is not a cakewalk for women.…

(84596 ) Published : 2019-01-14
dubai mall

What is inside the second largest mall in the world?

If Dubai is the ideal destination for a shopaholic, the Dubai Mall sits right at its very core,…

(84595 ) Published : 2019-01-14

New IT trends to take over Businesses in 2019?

2019 is anticipated to be a great year for Business. Fostered with latest technologies and cutting-…

(84591 ) Published : 2019-01-13

International Culinary and the Secrets of Indian Kitchen – A Calicut Notebook Fusion Love Story

As you near the threshold of the restaurant, an irresistible aroma of freshly cooked multi-cuisine…

(84584 ) Published : 2019-01-13
Global Village

Not been to the Global Village yet?

The winters in Dubai is synonymous to endless festivities. From shopping malls to the many parks…

(84507 ) Published : 2019-01-10
Postnatal care

Dr Sathya Ayurvedic Wellness Centre initiates authentic Ayurvedic Postnatal Care in Dubai with home


Postnatal period can be defined as the first 6 weeks after birth. During this period a mother’s…

(84441 ) Published : 2019-01-08
Mr. Mirshad Moopen

Know what makes this Businessman stand out in the Industry


Mr. Mirshad Moopan, the Managing Director of MRC Shipping & Logistics L.L.C, is a renowned…

(84435 ) Published : 2019-01-08
Mohammed Basheer standing before one of his Blue Mart outlets

From being a delivery boy to becoming the Owner of 24 grocery stores

Back in 1992 when he boarded his flight to Abu Dhabi with nothing but a hand full of hope and a…

(84408 ) Published : 2019-01-05
The Man with 22 Apartments in Burj Khalifa – A Story of Success

The Man with 22 Apartments in Burj Khalifa – A Story of Success


George V Nereparambil is an extraordinary exception, an inspiration to people around the world.…

(84374 ) Published : 2019-01-02
The Winters, Christmas, New Year and Dubai – What More to Ask for!

The Winters, Christmas, New Year and Dubai – What More to Ask for!


The Dubai Winter Season is all set to boom in bringing with it the double delight of added fun…

(84280 ) Published : 2018-12-24
Dubai Lifestyle

Dubai Lifestyle - The History of the City and Day to Day Life in Dubai

Dubai is among the 7 Emirates that compose the United Arab Emirates (UAE); it lies in the center…

(84179 ) Published : 2018-12-18
dubai properties

Dubai Property For Sale - Investing In UAE Real Estate

Dubai has become an international property hotspot, with great architectural developments and…

(84130 ) Published : 2018-12-13
Desert safari

How to Select the Best Desert Safari in Dubai to Enjoy the Place

The city of Dubai is remarkably beautiful as well as amazing land that has different things to…

(84129 ) Published : 2018-12-13