Landmark Group commissions 2.14 MWp rooftop solar system at its Dubai South warehousing facility
This solar plant is one of the largest single rooftop installations in the region

Dubai, 26 March 2019: Dubai’s homegrown retail and hospitality conglomerate, Landmark Group, has now installed one of the largest single rooftop solar system at its warehouse located in Dubai South, through Siraj Power. A part of the Group’s sustainability initiatives, the 2.14 MWp single rooftop solar system is estimated to generate over 3.4 million kWh of energy annually, marking a significant milestone in their efforts towards achieving energy efficiency and reducing carbon footprint significantly.

The 2.14 MWp capacity rooftop is capable of generating approximately 50 percent of the current annual energy consumption of Dubai South warehousing facility. The Group also plans to increase the total plant capacity of Dubai South to 4 MWp and also install an 8 MWp in O-mega DC warehouse in Jafza south in future. These projects will be the source of a total of 12 MWp clean, green and reliable energy.

This project resonates with the Dubai Government’s Green vision initiative under the slogan “Green Economy for Sustainable Development” and is part of the Group’s commitment to supporting the UAE’s Clean Energy Strategy 2050.

Landmark Group’s Chief Supply Chain Officer, Mihin Shah, said: “Sustainability is an integral part of our Group’s mission. Apart from considerably reducing carbon footprint, such a solar energy system is ideal for a city like Dubai as it helps in maximizing the use of natural energy to bring about energy efficiency and reduced operational costs.”

The newly installed system consists of high-efficiency solar panels mounted on rails on the rooftop, which are connected to grid interactive string inverters. These inverters are seamlessly integrated with the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) grid enabling surplus energy to be transferred to DEWA whilst also providing solar power to the Landmark Group warehouse during the daytime.




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