Dubai Government Workshop to collaborate with Finesse to accelerate its digital transformation journey
The global software system integrator will digitally automate many services and provide analytics solutions to simplify operational excellence

Dubai Government Workshop (DGW) has reportedly reached an agreement with Finesse to help accelerate its digital transformation journey, it aims to redesign traditional processes that support various business functions and decisions. As part of the partnership, Finesse will oversee the digital automation of many services and provide analytics solutions to ensure operational excellence in DGW.

Fahad Alraeesi, Deputy of CEO, DGW, said: “DGW is committed to maintaining and improving our services and increasing operational efficiency through significant investments in technology. Keeping pace with the latest technological innovations aligns with our commitment to achieving digital transformation; and implementing digital solutions from customer journey touch points and automation of internal processes, provision of business insights to management and employees and enhance our user experience to the next level.”

Eljo JP, Director of Global Business Development at Finesse Also added: “Our collaboration with DGW is plan for Finesse as we include our solutions to meet specific public sector needs, in line with the vision of intelligent leadership. Our solutions for analytics and RPA will significantly change the entire business process at DWG, ensures that the department has the latest technological innovations in its progress.”




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