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Abu Dhabi Energy Services Platform “ADESP” gets launched by Abu Dhabi Department of Energy

Abu Dhabi Energy Services Platform “ADESP” gets launched by Abu Dhabi Department of Energy

The Abu Dhabi Department of Energy (DoE) has launched the new ‘Abu Dhabi Energy Services Platform’ as it partakes in GITEX Technology Week 2019 at the Dubai World Trade Centre under the umbrella of the Abu Dhabi Government.

The platform offers other new generations of government services that line up with the Abu Dhabi Government’s directives to upgrade customer happiness, promote seamless operations, and bolster the emirate’s financial activity. It is intended to give next-generation government services in Abu Dhabi, expediting licensing processes, and producing compliance reports.

The straightforward, secure, and exact platform gives different electronic services to organizations working in the vitality division of Abu Dhabi, accessible via the official website: https://adesp.doe.gov.ae/.

Eng. Saif Salem Bamadhaf, the DoE’s Director of IT and Smart Government Services, stated: “The Government of Abu Dhabi has made wonderful progress in recent years in terms of digital transformation in the government sector, which we, at the Abu Dhabi Department of Energy, take extraordinary pride in. It is an achievement that helps drive digital transformation, improves business aggressiveness in the energy sector, and concretes simplicity of doing business principles.”

“The Department of Energy is focused on initiating the division's progress towards productivity and manageability – the pillars of the essential economic sectors of the future. In declaring the dispatch of the ‘Abu Dhabi Energy Services Platform’, we reaffirm our responsibility to these two essential principles,” Bamadhaf included.

For his part, Hamad Al Ameri, the DoE’s Head of Licensing and Compliance, stated: “As we designed the new platform, we had our sights set on coordination and convenience to incorporate services, such as giving new licenses, as well as changing, broadening, or denying existing business licenses. In terms of compliance control, the new platform provides companies in the energy sector – who are required to submit compliance reports – with a simple procedure to compile and submit these reports, and explore the results of their performance, as per the Department of Energy’s compliance programmers.

The Abu Dhabi Department of Energy has built up the platform to reaffirm its promise to executing the most recent innovative technologies as a way to upgrade services gave to its accomplices in the emirate’s energy sector, guarantee a seamless, integrated experience for customers, and drive the digital transformation in government services in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

The platform gives an exhaustive database, where the DoE can pick up insight into the present circumstance of the energy sector, the size and type of investments, indicators of the sector’s development, and future projections on the effect of technologies and business practices on the sector’s structure. The platform works utilizing the Department’s new integrated system to guarantee compliance over the sector, depending on a qualitative rather than quantitative evaluation of performance. It helps improve the Department’s capacity to recognize authoritative and regulatory needs in the sector and anticipate future developments.

Business licensing services offered through the platform fall into the DoE- endorsed classes; they incorporate 23 activities, nine of which are water services, seven for electricity, four for sanitation, and three for district cooling services. The management of compliance procedures is moved from customary techniques to automated processes, lessening the quantity of periodic reports required by 80% from 8,000 to 1,600 reports.

The Department of Energy had recently launched a simple to-utilize instant authorizing service through the Abu Dhabi Government Services System (TAMM), as a team with the Abu Dhabi Digital Authority (ADDA). The new service utilizes creative, fast, and efficient technologies to give instant licensing services to small businesses in the emirate’s energy sector, which incorporate free of charge two-year licenses processed in one day.

Notwithstanding to launching the platform, the Department will be exhibiting the Abu Dhabi Integrated Energy Model (‘Energy Cube’) at GITEX Technology Week 2019, which seeks to empower decision makers in the emirate to develop policies for a holistic future energy ecosystem. The DoE has equipped this model with advanced tools that empower it to test and predict the impact of policies on the energy sector and the wider economy.

The ‘Energy Cube’ looks at 24 trends identified with potential demand-side difficulties in sectors such as industry, transport, urban development, as well as the three main issues on the supply side, namely, gas, water, and electricity in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. It processes all possible outcomes for the 24 trends, addresses sensitive topics, and evaluates performance along the four priorities of the emirate’s energy policies (sustainability, supply security, cost efficiency, and economic development).

GITEX Technology Week is the biggest tech exhibition in the Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia region. The 2019 edition is occurring on October 6-10, offering a perfect setting to communicate with international delegations, fabricate partnerships with government and private-sector stakeholders, and communicate with powerful chiefs in technology sectors.