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Huawei Middle East Innovation Day 2019 reaffirms digital as the driving force behind today’s economy
Government, enterprise, and technology pioneers discuss gearing up for 5G expansion, the burgeoning ecosystem for AI innovation, and support for local developers

During its fourth annual Middle East Innovation Day, Huawei, a main worldwide supplier of information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure and smart devices, investigated how new associations in the regions of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and 5G are presently scaling digital services to more individuals, homes, and organizations than ever before.

The occasion was held on the second day of GITEX Technology Week at the Dubai World Trade Center.

Huawei Innovation Day fused three bespoke sessions: a 5G Ecosystem Conference under the title “5G, Gear Up”; an AI Conference under the theme “Advance Intelligence”, and a “Huawei Developer Day Dubai 2019” session, which concentrated on building a better ecosystem for Huawei partners and developers.

Huawei Innovation Day was attended by Jawad Abbasi, Head of MENA, GSMA, and Huawei’s distinguish customers from more than 20 telecom operators in middle east, and industry accomplices among other industry leaders, the total attendance exceeded 300.

Including controllers, telecom operators, industry partners, analysts, and other ecosystem players, the conference reviewed global 5G case studies and investigated how 5G is unending potential outcomes not exclusively to people yet to vertical industries across the Middle East. Until now, Huawei has secured more than 50 commercial 5G contracts while shipping more than 200,000 base stations worldwide.

Anjian, President of Carrier Networks Business Group, Huawei Middle East, noted: “Since 2009, Huawei has put 4 billion USD in 5G research. We are not only giving the best 5G network, yet additionally ready to investigate 5G business accomplishment with our clients and accomplices. To reach customer-oriented business success, we are focused on expanding investment in three major areas: 1. Continuous investment in 5G technology capability, which adapts to customers' business requirements, and brings infinite possibilities not only for person but also for industries. 2. In terms of business development and 5G use case exploration, we will persistent invest human and financial resources in business development to provide more 5G use case solutions going to market with our customers; 3. Further developing the 5G ecosystem platform, today we will declare Huawei middle east OpenLab establishment, to work with our clients and partners to guarantee the conveyance of the most ideal solutions that add to business development and accomplishment for them. We will continue extending and enhancing our improving our partnership in the Middle East to cultivate a strong and inclusive 5G ecosystem in its journey to building a fully connected intelligent Middle East.”

During the AI Conference, “Advance Intelligence”, a profound -dive session explored how local enterprises and governments are holding onto AI as a key empowering technology advanced intelligence. That change will be encouraged by Huawei’s next-generation intelligent product strategy and new +AI products for the enterprise market. By adding AI abilities to the next-generation of ICT products, from Wi-Fi 6 to All-Flash Storage, Huawei will enable clients to address a new round of digital transformation challenges to make business success.

Alaa ElShimy, Managing Director and Vice President, Huawei Enterprise Business Group, included: “The expanding size of intelligent technologies are carrying troublesome changes to enterprises over the Middle East. With the quick advancement of cutting-edge technologies such as AI, a various scope of utilizations and massive amounts of information are being generated, which pose requesting prerequisites on real-time information handling. Data infrastructures must be moved up to satisfy these requests. We accept that AI will promote innovation over the region and will change the manner in which whole industries are run.”

At the HUAWEI Developers Day section, HUAWEI presented the Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) Ecosystem based on the core framework of HUAWEI Mobile Services (HMS Core and Capabilities) and Developer Services. Until this point, HMS Core has opened up 14 capabilities to enable developers manufacture excellent applications at low cost and quickly, and ceaselessly improve the application user volume and activity.

Shining-Star Program had been declared, contributing 1 billion USD to help worldwide developer to continue contributing in HMS ecosystem construction. Additionally, the first DigiX Innovation Studio will further extend throughout the globe, with eight DigiX Labs in 6 fundamental regions including Dubai, giving extraordinary backings to worldwide developer’s innovation, including device testing, experience of capability development and tool etc.

“We truly welcome every local partners to join our ecosystem construction, that is the reason we had invested 1 billion USD in Shining-Star Program and building the first DigiX innovation labs in Dubai to fully bolster them.” Said Adam Ersong Xiao, Managing Director of MENA Mobile Services, HUAWEI Consumer Business Group.

The Innovation Day comes when both the public and private sectors are making basic investments in ICT framework. Digital innovation is presently at the forefront of many national development plans in the Middle East, and is viewed as a crucial ingredient to enhancing local economies, creating future jobs, while quickening sustainable development.

The combination of 5G connectivity and AI will be especially powerful as it empowers more individuals, things, and gadgets to share advanced insight than at any other time. According to Huawei’s ongoing Global Industry Vision (GIV) report, the organization predicts that almost 60% of the total populace will approach 5G by the end of 2025, and 97% of huge organizations will have deployed AI as applications.

It is accounted that AI will contribute US$320 billion to the Middle East economy by 2030, which demonstrates the huge impact AI will have on the region with the governments’ support and implementation. The countries expected to gain the most in their GDP from AI by 2030 are the UAE with 14%, in which AI will contribute to their GDP the most are: the UAE at 14% increase, followed by KSA at 12.4%.

Visitors to GITEX Technology Week can keep on exploring Huawei’s recent solutions and global case studies at its exhibition stand located at Stand Z2-A10 in Za’abeel Hall 2 under the theme “Building a Fully Connected, Intelligent World”.

Huawei’s participation at GITEX 2019 is bolstered by some of its key partners including GAPP and Redington as Diamond sponsors; Enterprise Systems and Octalpha as Gold sponsors.




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