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“We need to work jointly to make the most of 5G,” says Huawei Vice President

“We need to work jointly to make the most of 5G,” says Huawei Vice President

At the 10th annual Mobile Broadband Forum, Huawei Vice President Ken Hu outlined the current state of 5G growth worldwide. Highlighting the value of 5G and bringing it to consumers and businesses in early adoption countries, He also explored the importance of positive policy and cross-sector collaboration to accelerate the next phase of 5G growth.

"We have made great strides," Hu said. “But to make 5G more useable, we need to work together to address the real challenges ahead: spectrum, platform resources and cross-sector collaboration. 5G is not just 4G fast. This will play a completely different role in our lives, so as an industry, we all need to have a new mindset to drive its future growth.

5G networks have already seen large-scale business deployments around the world. In the region, Middle East countries are already in the first wave of 5G commercial releases, which are leading the world.
Hu noted that one of the most important obstacles facing carriers moving forward is the cost and availability of the spectrum, especially the spectrum. “We believe that governments can provide carriers with more spectrum resources and consider more flexible pricing models. This will reduce the initial CAPEX load when carriers roll out their 5G networks.”

"Our industry needs more support for site resources," Hu continued. “The costs are still high, and the availability of the site is always low. Regulators need to improve the situation by opening more public infrastructure to share site construction and provide guidance.”

To further promote 5G growth, Huawei has launched the upcoming Huawei 5G Open Lab in the Middle East on 5G Growth. The platform aims to boost 5G services in the Middle East region, aiming to create an open ecosystem that will stimulate innovation and collaboration in the markets, further enhancing ICT growth in the region.

Huawei's recently unveiled the latest 5G solutions on the forum, including Super Hub, an innovative 5G microwave solution with simple architecture to improve spectrum performance. Huawei's 5G microwave solutions have been put to commercial use in 36 countries, including Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait, where 5G bearer network support enables operators to accelerate 5G network construction.

This year, the Mobile Broadband Forum brought together more than 1,500 representatives of carriers, vertical businesses, equipment manufacturers, rating agencies, analysts and media. The exhibition hall features 5G technology, business solutions and 5G applications for individual consumers, homes and businesses, including 5G-powered cloud AR / VR, 8K broadcast, cloud gaming, machine vision and 5G-powered remote. Control solutions.

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