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Valuing Privacy, TopTop Has Become the Most Popular Gaming Social App Amongst Women and Girls in the Gulf Countries

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Valuing Privacy, TopTop Has Become the Most Popular Gaming Social App Amongst Women and Girls in the Gulf Countries

TopTop (http://toptop.net), a gaming social app, is gaining recognition in the Gulf countries. The app is like an online kahwa where people can play relaxing games like ludo, dominoes, and multi-player minesweeper, etc. Users can play with their friends in a personal room or make new friends via the games. Interesting games that can increase intelligence on TopTop entice more and more users.
TopTop is designed for Middle East users. Currently, in accordance to records from App Annie, it ranks among the top 3 in the Google Play social app download and crossing lists in Oman. It has also ranked among the top 5 in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, making it one of the most popular social apps in the Arabic region.

It is worth citing that TopTop is particularly favored by woman users. Unlike most of other male-dominated social apps, almost half of TopTop’s energetic customers are females. The reality that it is favored by many woman users advantages from its sound privacy safety measures and anti-harassment mechanisms.

When using this app, we can find that it supports one-click registration. Users can begin using TopTop certainly via getting into a nickname and selecting a profile picture besides verifying their phone number or any social media accounts, which absolutely protects users' privacy to a massive extent.

In addition, TopTop has installed offensive phrase recognition, blacklist block, harassment report functions. For example, if a user tries to ship an offensive word, the system will mechanically understand it and prompt the user to assume once more earlier than sending it. If any offensive word is sent, the receiver is supplied a handy way to block and report the message. Once users report malicious harassment or different terrible behaviors, the platform will close the offensive account immediately upon verification.

Such a series of mechanisms have radically elevated the social experience for female users, enabling them to experience games and social happiness in a protected atmosphere. Thanks to the proper recognition led by word-of-mouth effect, TopTop's users have grown in size and the app has emerge as the most famous gaming social platform in GCC.