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Total fully committed to Abu Dhabi

Total fully committed to Abu Dhabi

Total fully committed to Abu Dhabi

Leading integrated oil and gas company Total remains fully committed to Abu Dhabi and will continue to invest in strengthening its partnerships in the Emirate as well as with host countries across the Middle East and North Africa.

That was the clear message to the tens of thousands of visitors to the 2014 Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition & Conference (ADIPEC), which concludes today.

Arnaud Breuillac, President of Exploration & Production, said the recent loss of Total’s visionary and charismatic CEO Christophe de Margerie would not alter the Group’s strategic direction, nor its close relationship with the region built over many decades.

“Total was born in the Middle East 90 years ago and we have been present in Abu Dhabi since 1939,” said Breuillac, highlighting Total’s ongoing projects in R&D, education, training and community engagement. “We cannot imagine not being here, and so naturally we hope to continue building on that relationship and maintain our large asset base.”

Breuillac said Total would not be blown off course by the current low oil price, which he said he believed to be a temporary fluctuation anyway rather than an indefinite trend.

While stressing that the Group’s existing investments globally would not be adversely affected, he said lower oil prices vindicated its earlier decision to implement appropriate capital and operating cost-cutting measures.

Concerning Abu Dhabi’s tender to renew the ADCO onshore oil concession, Breuillac reiterated that Total had submitted what he considered a very strong bid and stood ready to support the Emirate in achieving its future oil and gas production targets. He also praised the leadership of Abu Dhabi in evolving its role as a world energy provider and promoting the integration of new and alternative energies.

Total’s dedicated double-deck stand in the main atrium of the Abu Dhabi National Exhibiton Centre (ADNEC) was a focal point throughout ADIPEC, with interactive displays and technical presentations showcasing the Group’s strengths in Exploration & Production, Refining & Chemicals, Marketing & Services and New Energies.

Around 25 Total experts also helped set the agenda during the four-day conference programme, speaking on a range of key industry topics.

The theme for ADIPEC 2014 was ‘Challenges and Opportunities for the Next 30 Years’.

Total has supported ADIPEC since its inception in 1984 and was a Diamond Sponsor of this year’s event. Reflecting on the success of the event in its 30th year, Hatem Nuseibeh, President of Total UAE and Group representative in the UAE, said ADIPEC was a platform to share the depth of the company’s technological expertise and profound knowledge of the region.

“The Middle East and North Africa is intimately connected with the history of Total, and it remains a very significant part of our future,” he said. “Our activities in Abu Dhabi and around the region – many of which have been on show at ADIPEC – are also hard evidence of our investment in supplying energy that is safer, cleaner, more efficient, more innovative and more accessible – the key value proposition of our new corporate baseline ‘Committed to Better Energy’”.

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