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Thousands apply for Red Sea Development Company Elite Graduate Program

Thousands apply for Red Sea Development Company Elite Graduate Program

Overwhelming response to a nationwide social media campaign inviting graduates to apply for innovative new program

The Red Sea Development Company (TRSDC), the developer behind one of the world's most aggressive the tourism projects, has gotten an overwhelmingly positive reaction to an across the country social media campaign effort welcoming graduates to apply for the Elite Graduate Program. The program is expected to initiate in January 2020.

The program, which was reported and advanced over the organization's social media platforms, got applications from a large number of energetic undergraduate and postgraduate degree holders from different controls. The activity is firmly lined up with the organization's strategic plan to construct nearby capacity and invest into the advancement of national ability to help the development of the nation's booming tourism sector, in accordance with Vision 2030.

"This extraordinary program repeats our duty to put resources into creating neighborhood mastery and giving long haul profession openings in the quickly extending the travel industry area," said John Pagano, CEO at The Red Sea Development Company. "The declaration was planned explicitly to speak to youthful, digitally sharp Saudis with an enthusiasm for turning out to be a piece of one of the most energizing tourism project on the planet today."

The Red Sea Development Company reported the Elite Graduate Program on its social media channels, inviting graduates to visit the organization's website and apply for opportunities in explicit fields. Applications were welcomed from youthful Saudis who graduated in the previous two years with degree specializations in regions including corporate governance, law, environmental science, sustainability, engineering, finance, and corporate strategy. Between 21st November 2019 and first December 2019, the website got 16,000 applications.

The organization used sophisticated technology to channel applications and artificial intelligence to survey reasonably candidate’s possibility to limit the field to 900 potential candidates. These people will presently be deliberately verified in a progression of online assessment tests and meetings, to quantify their abilities and comprehension of territories identifying with the work and advancement of The Red Sea Project.

The last choice of applicants will be put through up close and personal meetings to choose who will join the program in January 2020.

"The Elite Graduate Program will give preparing and direct work experience with our office and at the site, where relevant. Each graduate acknowledged onto the program will have an exceptional chance to work one next to the other with a world-class group of experts crosswise over various department, so as to qualify the candidates and empower them to settle on progressively educated profession choices," said Pagano.

Acknowledged gradudates will apply to one of five streams: governance and legal, environment and sustainability, engineering, finance and investment, and strategy. Each graduate will be taken a crack at a two year custom-made preparing plan, during which their abilities will be refined by working with global specialists as indicated by their specializations. The program conveys 70 percent hands on the job training, 20 percent mentoring and coaching, with the last 10 percent designated to classroom based courses.

"This is an open door both for youthful ability in the Kingdom and for our business," said Ahmad Ghazi Darwish, Chief of Staff at The Red Sea Development Company. "The Elite Graduate Program will assist us with creating and engage skilled youthful Saudis, who thusly will bring energy, and new and inventive intuition to our business."

The Elite Graduate Program is the most recent of a progression of activities by the Red Sea Development Company to give special formative open doors in the tourism for young Saudis. Not long ago the organization gave scholarships grants to Saudi students starting their studies in the academic year 2019-2020. In collaboration with Prince Muqrin bin Abdulaziz University and certify by Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL), students will finish a Bachelor of Science Degree in International Hospitality Management. The program offers graduates the chance to be utilized by The Red Sea Development Company or its partners working in the project.