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Study shows that 20 percent of road traffic accidents in the Middle East are due to underlying sleep apnea

Study shows that 20 percent of road traffic accidents in the Middle East are due to underlying sleep apnea

Sleep apnea affects 20% of women and 35% of men

On the off chance that you are one of the individuals who is regularly or every so often stirred from a deep sleep gasping for some air, or you rest aside somebody snoring loudly there's a solid probability and chance that you have Sleep Apnea. Sleep Apnea usually known as wheezing is a typical rest issue. Rest Apnea patients breathing continually hinders and starts during his/her rest time. It influences and affects 20% of ladies and 35% of men. Men have higher incidence with 4 percent of grown-ups are experiencing OSA. In UAE the commonness is considerably higher. Road Accident Survey study shows 20 percent of street accidents are because of basic rest apnea.

Obesity in Middle East as likely in the U.S, OSA could be one reason .There is a connection of high BMI and OSA risk. Some normal side effects of Sleep Apnea are daytime drowsiness, loud snoring, and restless sleep.

Dr Kalpana Nagpal, Senior Consultant ENT, Head, Neck and Robotic Surgery at Indraprastha Apollo Hospital says that automated medical procedures have given another and simple way out to the sleep apnea patients. Specialist features that now there is no compelling reason to ignore snoring or sleep apnea. According to the Dr Nagpal, Robotic Surgery is getting progressively well known among the careful specialities and the greater part of the organizations have or are putting resources into it. It has various advantages over the regular strategies like quick recovery, low infection, practically painless, no scar almost, low blood loss, great cosmetic results and better post-operative immune capacity.

"The Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) or wheezing is a perilous issue and the majority of us dismiss it or disregard or figure out how to live with it", says Dr Nagpal. She further clarifies that this condition emerges when an individual continually quits breathing while at the same time resting because of the breakdown in his/her airway. It isn't clear why an individual creates OSA, yet triggers for the equivalent are many running from weight gain, liquor, narcotic use, diminished muscle tone or the physical makeup of the individual's airway. On the off chance that the condition is left undiscovered/untreated or overlooked for a more extended range, the OSA can influence an individual from numerous points of view like the diminished personal satisfaction, diabetes, impotence, hypertension, weakness, stroke or heart failure, memory disturbance and so forth.

As a specialist we need individuals to know and comprehend that there are new alternatives for screening and treating both wheezing and rest apnea patients. We have patient’s testimonials giving superb input. Along these lines, ordinary citizens with constantly blocked nose or snoring or repetitive awakening or gagging now have a permanent solution.

Along these lines, don't ignore snoring at this point! Meet the specialist or propose your adored one to the specialist immediately.