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The largest edition of Al-Dhafra Festival comes to an end after 17 days

The thirteenth version of Al-Dhafra Festival closed its occasions and initiations today with the nearness of thousands of guests throughout 17 days, in Madinat Zayed, Al-Dhafra, Abu Dhabi, under the support of H.H. Sheik Mohammed bin Zayed Al-Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces and under the supervision of Cultural Programs and Heritage Festivals Committee in Abu Dhabi.

Fares Khalaf Al-Mazroui, Abu Dhabi Police Commander in Chief and Chairman of Abu Dhabi Cultural Programs and Heritage Festivals Committee, offered his thanks towards H.H. Sheik Khalifa bin Sultan Al-Nahyan, President of the United Arab Emirates, and H.H. Sheik Mohammed bin Zayed Al-Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, for the incredible and minding bolster given to social occasions and celebrations, particularly to Al-Dhafra Festival. Al-Mazroui was likewise enthusiastic about offering his thanks towards H.H. Sheik Hamdan bin Zayed Al-Nahyan, Ruler's Representative in Al-Dhafra district, for his nonstop follow up with all occasions facilitated inside the region.

Al-Mazroui included that Al-Dhafra Festival will stay a wellspring of pride and validness for the Emirati peoples, alluding to the enormous support of guests and contenders locally, yet in addition globally.

The Camels' Beauty Contest praised the camel through 81 rounds and 695 prizes

Al-Dhafra Festival yearly praised the camel, seen that it holds an uncommon spot in the lives of the Emirati peoples and the gulf individuals.

In this manner, H,H. Sheik Mohammed bin Zayed Al-Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, trained to build the value of the assigned prizes by 20 million dirhams, to arrive at an astounding all out worth of 52 million Emirati dirhams.

Celebration's guests: Al-Dhafra Festival is a touristic and financial purpose of attraction

Al-Dhafra Festival was effectively ready to devote its quality as a one of a kind occasion to actualize the value of tolerance and concurrence, just as being the ideal national festival which grasps all components of the Emirati hertiage, and that is the motivation behind why it grabbed the eye of sightseers and news sources from around the globe. In addition, the Festival added to featuring the name of Al-Dhafra district as a social traveler goal, just as reviving the economy of this area and making a market that is had practical experience in selling and purchasing camels, something that is of an incredible advantage to the region.

Mary Nijo, a Spanish tourist, said that she accepted the open door to watch the Camels' Beauty Contest as a component of her traveler program, referring to the way that she completely appreciated the three days she spent in Al-Dhafra locale to explore the celebration and become acquainted with the Emirati hertiage.

Al-Dhafra Festival commends the components of moral heritage

Through the different social and heritage occasions, Al-Dhafra Festival 2019 commended the elements of moral heritage that the United Arab Emirates have enlisted in the UNESCO, which are: "Al-Taghruda (lyric poetry)", falconry, "Al-Ezzi (war poetry)", "Al-Ayyala (a traditional dance)", "Al-Sadow (a handcraft)", traditional coffee, traditional sittings (majlis), "Al-Razfa (a traditional dance)" and the palm tree.

As a guest at Al-Dhafra Festival, you will see that every one of these components are executed inside the celebration, its ways and its traditional market, where you will be welcomed with coffee and dates. You will likewise discover palm-related products wherever around the celebration just as witness the distinctive traditional dances in the core of the market, as Azzi, Ayyala and Razfa.

Besides, the celebration has devoted two falconry challenges: the Falcons' Beauty Contest which was facilitated in participation with Al-Marzoom Reserve and the hunting with falcons of prey challenge which was facilitated in collaboration with Abu Dhabi Falconers' Club. Along these lines being stated, the guest can observer each of the 9 Emirati moral heritage elements which are enlisted in UNESCO.




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