Smart Dubai Moves to Engage Private Sector in Data Economy

  • Smart Dubai Moves to Engage Private Sector in Data Economy

The Smart Dubai Office (SDO) arranged a workshop entitled “Public-Private Engagement Towards a Data Economy” as part of it's efforts to carry out an approach and policy package to engage the economic sector in the Dubai Data Initiative.

The workshop sought to urge the economic sector in Dubai to participate in the data economy, in a way that makes sure common advantage and enhances services and smart-city experiences. With 55 entities - all trailblazers in the data industry, including government divisions alongside local and worldwide personal business and startups - the workshop saw participants participate in informative discussions pertaining to the formula of the Dubai Data Strategy, exploring the challenges and opportunities presented by private-sector data in Dubai, and shedding light on data-exchange systems, emerging technologies, and the policies and guidelines for data advertising and marketing and sales.

Younus Al Nasser, Assistant Director General, Smart Dubai and CEO, Dubai Information Facility, said: "Information is the bedrock whereupon smart cities are constructed and developed; keeping that in mind, and in an effort to execute the Dubai Information Law, Smart Dubai released a collection of information policies earlier this year to enhance the emirate's data-exchange capabilities. This workshop targeting the private sector enhances these initiatives and highlights the significance of teamwork in between the personal and public industries to increase take advantage of data, which is very important for the future of Dubai."

“Establishing an incorporated and all natural information atmosphere ensures ideal organisation and exchange of information," Al Nasser added; "this is essential for keeping and using the digital wealth of the emirate and increasing its favorable economic effect. Achieving these goals needs the joint efforts of the public and private sectors, in addition to increasing understanding amongst all stakeholders about the value of data to continue with data-focused campaigns and projects and make Dubai the happiest and smartest city on the world.”

The workshop consisted of a comprehensive overview of the Dubai Data Initiative, as well as a discussion around the Dubai Information Legislation and the Dubai Data Policies that manage information exchange and dissemination. Individuals also talked about administration and policies for emerging technologies and information usage across different industries, concentrating on uses situations in 10 primary fields infotech, real estate, transportation and facilities, financial services, retail and wholesale, tourist, health, construction, education, and the safety and security and security sector.

Furthermore, the workshop discovered methods to establish these use situations and identify information collections that might be shared by the private sector, along with detailing the primary qualities of a reliable information ecological community. The seminar focused specifically on the Dubai Pulse platform, the complete data platform and backbone of the emirate's smart transformation, which looks for to help with data exchange amongst various government and private entities.

The workshop identified a number of key components that assist guarantee the success of smart-city jobs, including techniques, governance and regulatory structures, smart-city culture, and applied technologies. The workshop also dealt with the challenges and chances dealing with each industry in regards to data sharing, in addition to systems and rewards to urge the economic sector's participation in the data economy.




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