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SLC Youth Council holds first virtual meeting to mark International Youth Day 2020

SLC Youth Council holds first virtual meeting to mark International Youth Day 2020

The General Secretariat of the Supreme Legislation Committee in the Emirate of Dubai (SLC) today (Wednesday, August 12, 2020) hosted the first digital meeting of its Youth Council to commemorate this year’s International Youth Day.


The meeting, held on Microsoft Teams, discussed the National Youth Agenda, aligning the Youth Council priorities and initiatives with it. 


During the meeting, the emphasis was placed on gearing Youth Council initiatives towards empowering young Emirati professionals to play an active role in establishing stronger legal and legislative systems in Dubai, as the emirate continues to take steady strides on its path towards becoming the city of the future. 


The virtual event was part of the SLC’s dedication to offering interactive platforms for efficient exchange of new creative ideas and the advancement of innovative solutions to the difficulties faced by youth. 


The SLC policies and actions match its belief that the youth are conducive in building a more resilient government sector, being the driving force for concrete change that is important for the country to keep pace with the rapid changes, leading Dubai into a greater future.


The International Youth Day commemoration comes at a time when the SLC is taking forward steps to enable the youth so that they can actively participate in achieving legislative and legal excellence. 


The SLC’s commitment to youth empowerment is evident in the number of young Emiratis it operates. Some 56 per cent of the SLC employees are aged between 25 and 35, among whom 20 per cent hold leadership situations. 


The SLC’s Youth Council, which was established in 2019, plays a role in harnessing the talents of young specialists towards promoting a sustainable and just legislative system that is capable of supporting Dubai’s overall development. 


The YC has been propelling initiatives of national importance in line with the goals of the National Youth Agenda.


Ahmad Saeed bin Meshar Al Muhairi, SLC’s Secretary-General, reaffirmed that the SLC will continue to nurture and develop the leadership skills of the SLC young professionals by creating a positive environment that stimulates creativity, innovation, productivity, and excellence, so they may actively contribute to developing a legislative system that embraces the present and looks ahead to the future. 


Al Muhairi also stressed the importance of youth councils in honing the talents of Emirati youth so they will treasure traditional values and take bold initiatives to achieve progress and development.


Al Muhairi said: “The first virtual meeting of the SLC Youth Council served as an ideal forum to learn more about the creative ideas and aspirations of the SLC young professionals, who are the cornerstone in the development of more resilient legislative and legal systems, in line with the government’s comprehensive sustainable development plan. 


The SLC’s International Youth Day celebration also underscored the UAE’s efforts to consistently invest in the youth, in implementation of the directives of our wise leaders who consider the youth as the UAE’s most valuable resource.


We will continue to support the Youth Council’s initiatives which further the National Youth Agenda and empower the SLC young Emirati professionals to actively contribute to developing a robust legislative system by providing them with a work environment characterized by transparency, excellence and innovation.”


Omar Al Hemairi, Head of the SLC’s Youth Council, said that the Youth Council was established in line with initiatives dedicated to empowering the youth. 


The Youth Council specifically focuses on developing administrative and organisational structures to support current and future youth councils for a clear, organised, and successful implementation of their initiatives.


Al Hemairi added: “Participation in youth councils provides young professionals with an opportunity to build their capabilities, develop their leadership skills, and learn how to communicate effectively in search of opportunities and of solutions to challenges. 


The SLC Youth Council comprises various internal teams, some of them focus on voicing the opinions of youth; some are dedicated to honing their leadership skills in young SLC professionals; 


while others are concerned with scouting for new talents who treasure traditional Emirati values and have the skills and experience in the areas of innovation, entrepreneurship, and physical and psychological wellbeing, among others.”