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UAE is setting new global model in education delivery relevant to COVID-19 reality, says GEMS Education Chairman

UAE is setting new global model in education delivery relevant to COVID-19 reality, says GEMS Education Chairman

As many nations face the problem of putting students back to school as well as making sure the continuity of their education, the UAE's dedication to starting up schools in September, while prioritising the most powerful interests of students, educators as well as education providers, works as a worldwide model for effective delivery, said Sunny Varkey, the Founder and Executive Chairman of GEMS Education.

GEMS Education has employed 800 new teachers, who will sign up with the Group's 7,500 educators for the new school year. "I am immensely happy with my group of teachers who showed their ability in taking care of the remote learning sessions throughout the previous academic term. 

Now, an added 800 brand-new teachers, coming from throughout the world, are showing up to the UAE to join us in fulfilling our vision of providing premium education to all."

"The education sector is a crucial chauffeur of the nationwide economic situation," claimed the GEMS Chairman. "It has helped build the foundations of a robust and diversified economy in addition to creating jobs and supporting ancillary industries, which contribute significant value to the GDP. The high quality of private K-12 education has been a great enabler in positioning the UAE as a very attractive destination for global talent.”

The consistent focus of the UAE on high-class education and learning is matched by its remarkable accomplishments, said Mr Varkey. "The Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) and the Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) are global benchmarks on the performance of the education sector. The UAE’s private schools are already among those in the top 15-20 nations in the world in this regard, and GEMS Education is among the top eight school systems in the world."

Even while government regulators and educators in other countries are debating the right course of action regarding school reopening, the UAE has taken decisive measures, he said. “The decision to open schools in September is laudable and truly visionary, and I congratulate the UAE leadership for their tireless efforts in managing the COVID-19 situation efficiently. At GEMS Education, we are in full readiness to ensure the provision of education – face-to-face and blended - based on the final directives of the Ministry of Education and the regulators including KHDA.”

" COVID-19 has transformed how we work and also live, not to mention, how we show our young people to get skills relevant to the future," he said. "It is very important to concentrate on their seamless return to schools, offered the prompt impact of the crisis on functioning parents who need to stabilize their tasks with their children's education and learning."

Throughout the elevation of the COVID-19 dilemma, TREASURES Education, which offers over 124,000 pupils in almost 50 schools in the UAE that use five various educational programs, not only ensured nonstop online knowledge however additionally extended assistance to GEMS families.

“The GEMS Education COVID-19 relief package aided the families of almost 30,000 students, who benefited from 30 to 100 per cent fee discounts. Our commitment is to continue strengthening the education sector of the country, and in building a new generation of global citizens who will contribute to shaping a better future for the world,” concluded the GEMS Chairman.