Shah Rukh Khan Impressed by UAE’s Sports Medicine and Advanced Technology

Recently, Indian film star and producer Shah Rukh Khan toured nanoM, a state-of-the-art sports and human performance facility based in Dubai that delivers wide-ranging health and fitness analyses.

Shah Rukh, who spent more than two hours at the facility, signed the clinic’s wall of fame and said: “I’ve visited many facilities round the world, including ones in the US and Europe, and nanoM’s equipment and technology are the most remarkable by far.”
“I can see why specialised footballers, cyclists and cricketers use nanoM’s services. My team – the Kolkata Knight Riders – and I will certainly be back for health and performance assessments,” he added.

Karan Rekhi, Vice President – Operations of Nano M, an Emirates Healthcare Company said, “We were pleased to host SRK at our facility. Our wall of fame is almost totally covered; I trust word spreads when you offer brilliance. nanoM is the facility of choice for sports experts and celebrities looking for to improve their performances and address present or possible injuries.”
Other well-known visitors include English football legend Frank Lampard, who underwent a series of tests at nanoM earlier this year, and Lee Peltier, who plays for Cardiff City.

nanoM is a exceptional, premium health assessment facility with expertise that is at least a decade more advanced than that in other facilities. The modern equipment is used to analyse health, fitness, total body functionality and physical performance abilities, and the facility has a movement analysis area with high definition cameras to monitor and analyse whole body motion.




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