Safeguarding Environment with less greenhouse Gases, Saving Water Announced on World Environment Day
Nestle Middle East has installed over 28,000 solar PV panels in its manufacturing sites

Nestle Middle East has constantly made efforts towards a sustainable environment. Since 2010, Nestle Middle East has achieved a 42% reduction in water withdrawal per ton of a product with a 34% decrease in greenhouse gas emissions while its production hiked by 68%. The company has also achieved zero waste for disposal at its food manufacturing sites in the region.

Siva Kumar, Regional Safety, Health, & Environment Manager at Nestlé Middle East said, “The announcement, made on World Environment Day which is commemorated since 1974 every June 5th, is in line with our commitment to steward resources for future generations through caring for water, safeguarding the environment and acting on climate change, and helps us fulfill our purpose of Enhancing Quality of Life and Contributing to a Healthier Future.”

Nestle Middle East has installed over 28,000 solar PV panels in its manufacturing sites reducing at least six million kilograms of CO2 emissions annually which is equivalent to eliminating carbon emissions of nearly 1,500 cars annually. 

Nestle Middle East is also making efforts to develop new sustainable packaging materials and solutions by collaborating with academia, supplier startups and others in order to ensure that all of the company packaging across the world is recyclable and reusable by 2025. 

Nestle is playing a great role in developing the plastic collection, sorting and recycling schemes across the region, recycling and reusing in a manner that creates shared value for all.  




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