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Road Trip: Dubai City to Jebel Jais

Road Trip: Dubai City to Jebel Jais
By Samit Bhattacharya

Jebel Jais occurs to be the highest hill height within UAE, and is located the emirate of Ras Al Khaimah, and is a part of the Hajar Hills. It stands at an elevation of concerning 1900 mts (abt 5800 ft) concerning sea level and is about 30 kilometres from Ras Al Khaimah city location. The range from Dubai to Jebel Jais is about 180 kilometres, and from Abu Dhabi is about 260 Kilometres.

As you pass the Light round-about near the RAK Medical facility you need to keep driving to the mountains where a tiny board points you to the instructions of Jebel Jais. The hills show up on your left side, till you get to the flat smooth tarmac that leads you to the top. From right here it is about 25 kilometers to the top. Google Maps does a respectable job of leading you to the spot.

We were a couple of households, raring to pursue a field trip within UAE. We intended to make this a household vacation. We had children and older individuals in our group and hence had to locate a place which will be suiting along with an enjoyable excursion. Jebel Jais came as a brand-new lead and we zoomed on it as our next area. One weekend break in March, when the temperature level is still great for a day's outing in the sun, we packed our entire supplies of food, water, snacks and the needed supplies. Our objective was likewise to have a grand barbeque there at Jebel Jais.

The drive from Dubai to Ras Al Khaimah was smooth and we took the Mohammad Bin Jayed Roadway E 311 (Old Emirates Road). Once we got to Ras Al Khaimah we grabbed the indications to Jebel Jais direction. Parts of this stretch of regarding 10 kilometers are on stretches of broken, dirty and slightly rocky unmarked roads. Mind you, the signs are very limited) and from then on it is a remarkable drive mainly on smooth tarmac surface area.

Ras Al Khaimah tourism is now actively investing to promote Jebel Jais as a weekend vacation location in UAE. The Emirate has actually begun building an ultramodern Hotel and a para-gliding range in this location.

We were organized right into three cars, including a Toyota Corolla, a Nissan Altima and a Mitsubishi Pajero. Though you could check out to be otherwise, it is rather well feasible to utilize a sedan car in order to reach Jebel Jais. But do not stray offroads, maintain to the ruined path if you are driving a non-SUV.

The view in this stretch of 25 kilometers to the top (or practically to the top) is just breath-taking. Rugged hills rise on 3 sides of you the much more you own right into the lap of the mountains, sweeping sights of rough valleys extend on one side, chasms can be watched at various directions, and we dealt with around eight hair-pin bends till we reached the top. It takes around 45 minutes from RAK city location to get to here. We have owned to most locations in UAE and this beautiful drive of forty strange mins, beats the others hands-down. It is remarkably exciting.

As you reach the summit, you will find that the last 5 kms approximately has actually been enclosed (as off March 2015), as the tarmac roads were still being developed. It was mainly stretches of rocks and rubble, from the last checkpoint on the course upwards. The whole time the higher sections of the course, at different turns, there are auto parking places and toilets put up for the clingy. Again, the condition of these commodes after that were very little to be satisfied about, yet it is still a choice. The parking spots have been built at benefit factors along the course, where it feels wonderful to park some time and absorb the elegance and peacefulness of the mountains around you.

The temperature level constantly drops as you increase to the summit, and the decline is by virtually 10 degree Celsius if compared with the city down below, and that was an extremely welcome modification. The Jebel Jais summit has actually been reported to receive numerous inches of snowfall in 2004 and afterwards in 2009. This is certainly the chilliest factor in UAE.

When we got to the end of the black armac road where the last checkpoint stops you from venturing better, we turned back drove down for regarding a few bends till we saw this hilly side road. The sloping roadway brought us to a ridge on the side of the mountains which provided us a terrific perspective along with a little personal privacy. Over the ridge we can see the sea near the "ghailah" area of UAE at the end of the horizon downwards over the mountains on the other side.

We parked our cars and trucks and unpacked our materials and planned for our grand barbecue. Mind you, there are no shops or coffee shops in this path, (since March 2015). Every drop of water and every tidbit of food needed, has to be brought here.The children enjoyed the little walkings over the stones and embankments around this rocky area that we selected. Promptly we got our supplies spread out on the floor covering, and organized to illuminate the charcoal grill. There were some waste collection pits around right here too. Floor coverings were placed on the ground, and the women in our group aided us prepare the active ingredients for the grill. In around 20 mins we had a charming bbq fire ready for the grill.Children liked the nippy air, and obtained active in their fun tasks. The sunlight heated our backs in the middle of the little nip airborne.

The food tasted incredible, charcoal cooking constantly has this unique fragrance and brings that exquisite softness in the chicken or mutton that you barbecue. We had actually likewise brought in numerous products of water and soft drinks to appease the thirst for all, and also had snacks to bite on till the grilled food was ready. After that most of us sat around and had this hearty dish in addition to some hummous and garlic paste for the Lebanese wheat rolls that we brought. The ambience was one of delight, people laughing, jokes and some mindless enjoyable the whole time. We enjoyed the bird's-eye views all over, silent tranquil rough mountains, a rough valley and canyon in front of us, and great views to heaven Sea below. The climate was amazing and it was a time to cool out and loosen up from our difficult city lives.

As night came close to, we boiled a warm pot of water to earn us some instant coffee. Adults likewise shrugged out of their lazy bones and had their couple of moments of extreme hopeful enjoyable, tackling severe rocks and stones for a better scenic view.The sunlight collection was softly approaching us, creating fantastic myriad of colours on the mountain tops. and the cool increased with the setting of the sun.

With the technique of darkness we could gradually see the lights in the communities listed below us come to life. The main freeways appeared like brilliant ribbons in the evening perspective while little ornaments of lights came up marking the household and business areas. As darkness fell, we loaded our things back in the car. Mind you road lights are very few and the car parking zones have the lights shedding till it was around seven, after which they switched off.

Browsing back down the steep roadways and hair-pin bends back into people was directed by the moon. All in all, Jebel Jais is most likely the most effective drive and hill place in UAE. It needs much more facilities right now, yet it has already end up being a magnetic tourist attractions to take a trip enthusiasts in Dubai or in UAE. Site visitors or residents alike, if you have a car, do not miss this location. You would love it!!!

Samit is a traveling fan and a picture lover. He is likewise a serious visitor of books, write-ups and prefers to follow things taking place worldwide.

He is a IT Business Analyst and software application consultant by Occupation and stays in Dubai, UAE.

See his personal Blog site on travel and self assistance write-ups http://footprintsforever.com




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