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Refiners to Better Secure Health, Safety of Operations and Surrounding Communities Enabled by Emerson’s Enhanced Software

Refiners to Better Secure Health, Safety of Operations and Surrounding Communities Enabled by Emerson’s Enhanced Software

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Emerson’s new DataManager software v8.2 assists refiners monitor corrosion of hydrofluoric (HF) acid alkylation units to prevent costly, unplanned shutdowns and maximize profits and productivity. DataManager Analysis Software for Rosemount™ Wireless Permasense corrosion and erosion monitoring systems provides constant sensor monitoring that offers early detection of corrosion in HF acid alkylation units and mitigates the risk of loss of containment.

Alkylation units make sure facilities meet gasoline quality specifications and allow for the production of premium gasoline grades, adding important economic value to the refinery operation. These units are extremely susceptible to aggressive corrosion. Corrosion can lead to an HF release, which may cause significant production loss and place the health and safety of the refinery staff and local community at risk.

Measuring corrosion damage in HF acid alkylation units using conventional methods is difficult. Iron fluoride can scale and build up on the inside of pipes, confusing normal ultrasonic thickness measurements. In addition, traditional intrusive probes or frequent manual inspections present safety risks due to the hazardous environment of these units.

Emerson’s new version of DataManager solves these problems by assisting refiners gain a better understanding of the correlation between corrosion rates and upsets or changes in process conditions. Engineered with a unique new signal processing module, the solution delivers data directly to the engineer’s desk with wireless, non-intrusive sensors that communicate with an Emerson Wireless Gateway, minimizing the frequency of manual inspections. These sensors are crafted to withstand harsh, potentially high-temperature refinery conditions.

"Today's refineries need monitoring technology that can protect their people and their business," stated Jake Davies, global corrosion product director at Emerson's Automation Solutions business. "Reducing the risks from HF acid attacks and reducing the potential for leaks allows facilities to better forecast equipment lifespan while also securing the health and safety of their employees."

To learn more, visit Emerson.com/RosemountCorrosion.

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