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Nedaa signs MoU with Safe-Net Forum to promote Public Safety Networks
Dubai, UAE – 6 November 2019:

Nedaa - Professional Communication Corporation, Dubai Government secure networks provider, and A South Korean based non-profit organization - Safe-Net Forum, maintaining the fairness and pellucidity of the government’s strategy related to the nationwide construction of Public Safety networks; recently signed a MoU in the presence of Nedaa’s Chief Executive Officer H.E. Mansoor BuOsaiba, and Daehyoung HONG, Chair of Safe-Net Forum to share and support their common interests for promotion and for deployment of standardized critical communications technology, solutions and applications world wide.

The MoU aims to strengthen the teamwork between both sides and functions in the way of accomplishing common goals, especially in dispersing and supporting the culture of innovative and innovation work. Furthermore, the MoU will serve to establish a mutual relationship between Nedaa and Safe-Net Forum, subject to specific terms of agreement and bringing mutual benefits and opportunities for progression.

Both parties will be working simultaneously towards the progression of network deployment, operation and application services, and new technologies in the field of public safety and communication, joining hands to exchange knowledge and experience, and provide consultancy in the field of community protection services. Nedaa will share relevant information pertaining to the activities with Safe-Net Forum. The company will jointly hold local and international exhibitions, as well as special training workshops.

The terms of MoU also state Nedaa and Safe-Net Forum to form a joint common working group overseeing the implementation of the agreed objectives and to cooperate in facilitating access to some information for developing mechanisms of cooperation and plans to achieve their respective objectives. Both parties will attend the other party’s conferences, exhibitions, workshops, lectures, and training courses; demonstrating the best ways of using the devices, solutions, applications and highlight any practical challenges experienced by users.

“Nedaa is committed to fostering cooperation, alliance and coordination between the private and public sectors. Signing the MoU with Safe-Net Forum reiterates our goal of providing network services and applications with high international standards, and will contribute towards knowledge sharing through a partnership that aims to provide benefits and advantages for public safety using the latest applications”. Said H.E. Mansoor BuOsaiba. “We will establish all efforts to effectively carry out the terms of the MoU, developing mutual work in support of joint events and providing our vast experience in the field of secure private networks.”




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