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A MoU was signed between the SLC and ADAFSA to carry out legislative efforts to support the sustainable development of the UAE

A MoU was signed between the SLC and ADAFSA to carry out legislative efforts to support the sustainable development of the UAE

The General Secretariat of the Supreme Law Committee of the Dubai Emirates (SLC) has recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on legislative cooperation with the Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Security Authority (ADAFSA). The MoU is to promote bilateral legislative cooperation in support of the UAE's ambitious sustainable development drive. The ultimate destination of the UAE is one of the most advanced and happy countries in the world. Under the MoU, SLC Assistant General Secretary H.E. Mohammed Juma Al Suwaidi and H.E. Mozah Al Muhairi, Managing Director of ADAFSA's Policy and Regulation Department. Both sides of the MoU emphasized the importance of coordinating efforts to transform legislative knowledge and the exchange of legal and legislative expertise between the two parties. The framework of cooperation under the MOU involves developing legal and legislative bodies, sharing legal and legislative databases, and investing in human resources that specialize in legal and legislative fields.

According to the MoU, the SLC and the ADFSA have agreed to create channels for knowledge exchange and experience exchange between the two entities, with special emphasis on the principles and mechanisms of legislative draft, legal translation and application of the state. Technology in legislative work. Both parties have expressed their commitment to increasing legislative awareness by establishing a common understanding of the law; And promoting the role of legislative audit and legislative laboratories is critical to ensuring consistency between the local law published in Dubai and the law published in Abu Dhabi appropriate to the ADAFSA with the aim of achieving coordination between local and federal laws.

Al Suwaidi reiterated the importance of consolidation and coordination of parties, particularly in the areas of legislative drafting, legal translation and legislative censorship. “These focus areas are the cornerstone of legislative growth by creating a consistent and consistent government law that meets the current and future development needs of the UAE and enhances the performance of government services with the aim of achieving happiness and well-being.” Al Suwaidi added that the SLC is committed to maintaining strong and effective relations with local and federal government agencies in the UAE. including the ADAFSA, It complies with the directives of the United Arab Emirates-led leadership that government agencies must work together to shape the future as a corporation to contribute to achieving coordination among government agencies.

Al Suwaidi finished: "We look forward to altering legislative knowledge, enabling legislative knowledge, improving legislative culture, and investing in human resources, and to shift legislative knowledge to all development hard work and to share best legislative practices with the ADAFSA." The signing of the MoU demonstrates that it is in line with the SLC's mission to develop legislative and legal systems, with the ultimate goal of accepting the present and providing for the future. “We look forward to the outcomes of this strategic partnership in ensuring consistency between local and federal laws and investing in the human resources and other resources necessary to ensure the proper implementation of the law in accordance with the UAE Vision 2021,” explained AlSwaidi.

For her part, H.E. Mozah Al-Muhairi said: “We are interested in exchanging legislative knowledge and expertise with the SLC, especially in terms of the methods and principles of legislative drafting, which take into account rapid developments that require an advanced legislative body that is capable of accommodating them. This will be achieved through the use of electronic systems and programs to support the legislative draft and adopt the legislative impact assessment approach to ensure that the law achieves the desired goals and objectives.”

Al-Muhairi stressed that the MOU helps enrich legislative knowledge in both organizations by organizing events related to legislative functions and by providing training programs in the legal and legislative sphere, to improve the performance of legal staff and develop their skills, especially in relation to the creation of legal and legal memoranda.”
Al-Muhairi pointed out that ADAFSA, as a strategic partner, will integrate with the SLC as a strategic partner in developing legislative functions and benefiting from the expertise and expertise of both parties. “The MoU is believed to enhance the legal and technical skills of both parties' employees; to improve legislative culture and ensure the implementation and implementation of sustainable government legislation that supports the government's sustainable development process.” Al-Muhairi added.

Under the newly signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), the framework of cooperation between the SLC and ADAFSA focuses primarily on training programs, which demonstrate the interest of both parties in developing their employees' skills, particularly in law and legal references. Both the SLC and the ADAFSA have expressed their commitment to improving and implementing legislative impact assessment to establish a modern and balanced legislative body that supports the legislative development process and the country's ambitious aspirations and vision.

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