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MetLife Clients in The Gulf to Receive Enhanced User Experience with Launch of Data Engine, DataWorx

  • Dubai News

MetLife Clients in The Gulf to Receive Enhanced User Experience with Launch of Data Engine, DataWorx

Employers in the Gulf can look ahead to a more interactive way to make knowledgeable financial and health decisions thanks to the launch of MetLife’s improved data analytics engine, DataWorx.

DataWorx is an advanced analytics engine that offers employers with insight-driven, visual reports detailing the financial performance of their clinical policy, and medical experience of their employees. The new engine will empower employers to make better, more informed decisions to be able to completely personalize the advantages for each of their employees.

According to Michael Antwi, Head of Data Analytics, MetLife Gulf, the new system will assist break down problematic numbers and tables into interactive visuals on consumer dashboards, simplifying and streamlining decision-making by offering employers with clear data to better support the fitness desires of their employees and optimize the financial performance of the employer’s medical policy.

“At MetLife, we’re dedicated to investing in equipment that place our customers in the driver's seat,” stated Antwi. “With DataWorx, we grant employers with the essential equipment that will assist them better understand the special experiences and needs of their employees and in turn, are able to supply better bottom line results, and make more informed decisions that gain their employees’ health and wellbeing.”

“Thanks to interactive visuals derived from strong fitness claims analyses, employers can look ahead to accelerated transparency, as well as simplified, more-informed decision-making, and cost-savings when it comes to company insurance packages,” added Antwi. “The elevated system will additionally support and empower employees to take the initiative when it comes to their fitness and wellbeing.”

To learn more about MetLife’s Employee Benefits solutions, visit www.metlife.ae.