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Leonardo: Falcon Aviation Services’ AW169 fleet leader sets 2,000FH milestone in operations for Total ABK in Abu Dhabi
Dubai, 17 November 2019

Falcon Aviation Services is the world’s first offshore AW169 customer

This major achievement is out of more than 41,000 total FH logged by the AW169 global fleet. Over 200 AW169s have been ordered by customers worldwide for a variety of roles

Leonardo with Falcon Aviation Services of United Arab Emirates and Total ABK praise a significant offshore helicopter transport operational flight hour achievement reported at Dubai Air Show today. One of Falcon Aviation Services' five new age AW169 light transitional helicopters has been affirmed as the sort armada pioneer surpassing 2,000 operational flight hours for Total ABK, out of in excess of 41,000 complete flight hours over a worldwide armada of more than 90 AW169s.

The worldwide launch client for the OGP-arranged AW169, Falcon Aviation Services underpins coastal and seaward tasks for driving players like Total ABK in Abu Dhabi and others in the locale. Bird of prey Aviation likewise conveys VVIP helicopter transport administrations. The presentation of the able, current AW169 and Falcon Aviation Services' aptitude is enabling clients to play out a critical jump forward supporting the oil and gas industry in the locale. Bird of prey Aviation Services is a prime client for Leonardo with its armada of 11 Leonardo helicopters including two AW189 super-medium flying machine and four AW109 Grand/GrandNew light twins notwithstanding the AW169s.




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