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The Power of Meditation

The Power of Meditation

In the machine age we have the most advanced gadgets which focus on enhancing your external experience and beauty but have you heard that meditation is a powerful medicine that makes you feel better. Navana Kundu who has been teaching meditation and mindfulness for many years, digs deeper into the topic.

A study at Massachusetts General Hospital shows that meditation brings changes in the neural circuit, and emotional circuit so that you can see ‘real-life’changes. Regular meditation increases the thickness of the pre-frontal cortex and the parietal lobes. Pre-frontal cortex is linked to attention control, awareness and decision making while parietal lobes are linked to perspective taking, compassion and empathy. Also, the very important ‘worry muscle’ of the brain i.e. amygdala, the fight or flight response gets smaller in size leading to significant stress reduction.

A real-life case of Barbara(name changed)– Barbara was regularly bullied at a young age in school which drastically reduced her self-esteem and self-confidence. She faced intense social anxiety, overly nervous around people and anger issues at home. She stumbled upon my mindfulness meditation class and decided to make a shift in her life. It has been five months since then, she smiles more, she is self-aware and confident, she looks people in the eye and most importantly she is comfortable being her true self.

I think meditation courses should be specifically designed targeted to specific outcomes, just like there are different physical exercises to strengthen different parts of the body. It is a myth that meditation is difficult. What you need to do, is find a good teacher which can be priceless. You don’t have to be a master meditator or a monk to see the payoff.

Just find a routine that works for you and the key is consistency.You can benefit a lot from meditation including stress relief, lower blood pressure, improved immune system, anxiety and depression relief, better concentration and sleep, higher performance, lessen chronic pain. The more you practice, the more you benefit. Your inner transformation will give you a new reality outside