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High-Tech fuel distribution trucks get introduced by ENOC Group for enhancing the safety standards

High-Tech fuel distribution trucks get introduced by ENOC Group for enhancing the safety standards

• Highest safety standards and ADR certified, a European agreement concerning the ‘International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road’ • New light-weight aluminium-built fleet of distribution trucks leading to more than 65 percent increase in per kilometre fuel efficiency; cost of maintenance reduced to 22 percent

A new fleet of trucks in line with the latest international EHS standards was introduced by ENOC Group. The move of the Group is in line with its commitment for all its stakeholders to incorporate best EHS practice.

The fleet is powered by the latest technology and ADR certified; International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road’ European Agreement. The safety features of the truck fleet include state-the-art technology for safe driving, driver fatigue reduction, fuel efficiency increase, vehicle stability, and accidents prevention.

The tankers’’ body is made of aluminium, which improves the fleet’s operating effectiveness by 65% - from 2.3 kilometres per litre to 3.4 kilometres. The use of lightweight aluminium also decreases pressure on the truck’s engine, thereby cuts maintenance costs by 22 percent.

His Excellency Saif Humaid Al Falasi, Group Chief Executive Officer of ENOC, said: “We believe strongly that the importance of adhering to stringent rules when it comes to sustainability and security; and our new fleet of trucks stands true to our stance on it. We are a pioneer in the distribution of petrol in the UAE and have developed benchmarks for the sector that benefit our clients and consumers through innovation, technology, and digitisation”.

The safety policies of the ENOC Group are aligned with this vision, since they incorporate various safety functions throughout their work, products and services as one of the core pillar elements of the Dubai Plan 2021 plan. In line with the growing fuel demand up to EXPO 2020 in Dubai, the ENOC Group has launched these trucks.

The new fleet is driver-resistant, which means the trucks are fitted with an ESP, a new concept in the car industry, to eliminate the car roll-over and preserve the truck's stability. The program controls the truck's tilting trend by electronically supplying more air into the air bellows to stabilize the car on the other hand.

The trucks also have systems for tracking driver behavior such as distractions, drowsiness and the use of mobile phones while driving. This information is used to analyze driving behavior, investigate client complaints such as rash and accidents daily. The front camera records the entire journey. Drivers are also counselled and scheduled for refresher trainings on various topics to improve driving skills and further enhance road safety.

The truck has Alco lock, an air analyzer that controls whether the driver has an alcohol effect and locks the car that forbids the driver to enter the car automatically. The air-packed suspension system locks up and lifts the car; air filled handrails, with a brake interlocking mechanism and an automatic reverse stopper, take the truck to an end on a predetermined range before striking an object while it is reversed. It is also smaller to keep a reduced center of gravity.

In order to embrace industry best practices, the ENOC Group studies both locally and internationally. The Group manages approximately 80 heavy duty cars, 70 of which are tankers for retail, product and aerospace use. ENOC Group provides an average annual fuel volume of around 4 billion litres and the fleet spans some 8 million km annually.