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H.H. Sheikh Mohammed’s WIN VICTORY LOVE gesture to international platforms Took by Benedetta Paravia Ambassador of Arab Culture
Benedetta is the producer of the famous TV series Hi Emirates and Hi Dubai, that feature Emirati and expat women achievers

The Italian Ambassador of the Arab Culture, Princess Benedetta Paravia, a Dubai-based philanthropist, presenter, producer and song writer, is taking the WIN VICTORY LOVE sign of H.H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates, and Ruler of the Emirate of Dubai, to the global platforms.

Benedetta, in the course of her latest visit to the first edition of Cana Dorada International Film Festival held in Dominican Republic, flashed the sign on the red carpet and explained its importance and starting place to the fellow members and the media there.

Benedetta said: “I’ve been taking the WIN VICTORY LOVE to distinctive international events. People are always eager to know where this sign comes from and what it signifies. As a Dubaian dedicated to promoting the UAE, I take these possibilities to tricky on exemplary achievements of this country and the role of the excellent Leaders.”

The Cana Dorada International Film Festival was produced by the Venezuelan Raquel Victoria Flores, also one of the female protagonists of the upcoming TV and WEB series produced by Benedetta. The cross media series, named Hi Emirates, will be launched on air in the course of the UAE Year of Union and Expo 2020.

Apart from this event, Benedetta has been taking to the global red carpets and important events to spread a word about the ethical WIN VICTORY LOVE gesture with an intention to entice visitors to the UAE and promote the possibilities that the country provides.

In Hi Emirates series she talks about the status of women empowerment in the UAE and the essential function of the “Mothers of the Nation”, which include H.H. Sheikha Fatma bint Mubarak (Umm al Emaraat) who have facilitated and better the contribution of ladies in economic and social improvement of the country.

Benedetta, additionally known by her stage name Princess Bee, is dedicated to the UAE since 2002. She created the Instagram hashtag #weloveshaikhmohammed and has been working on multiple projects in the discipline of culture and education with the United Arab Emirates institutions.

Find out more about Benedetta and her productions:
Insta @benedettaparavia
Web www.benedettaparavia.com www.hidubai.ae www.hiemirates.ae




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