Goumbook and Sanofi Champion Indoor Air Quality Initiative in the UAE

In a crucial discourse on indoor air quality, Goumbook and Sanofi convened a think tank panel on December 12, 2023, at COP28, Dubai, addressing the significant challenge of air pollution. Titled "Invisible Challenge - Exploring the nexus of indoor air quality, public health, and climate action," the discussion highlighted the global health crisis caused by air pollution, the fourth leading cause of death worldwide, exacerbated by climate change.

The "Take a Breath" initiative, a collaborative effort between Telfast and Goumbook, showcased proactive measures in the UAE. The project involved installing air quality monitors in 10 UAE schools and testing affordable solutions to achieve tangible improvements in air quality and community health.

The baseline data revealed concerning levels of pollutants in schools:

  • Fine Inhalable Particles (PM2.5) exceeded limit levels in 100% of schools.
  • Carbon Dioxide Concentrations surpassed limit levels in 80% of schools.
  • Total Volatile Organic Compounds exceeded limit levels in 70% of schools.

Implementing just two solutions resulted in significant improvements:

  • Switching to natural cleaning products led to a 33% reduction in VOC levels.
  • Installing air purifiers resulted in a 10.4% improvement in PM2.5 levels.

Additional solutions are being tested throughout the school year. Paul Hudson, CEO of Sanofi, highlighted the broader context of the initiative, stating, "Celebrating our collaboration with Goumbook in the 'Take a Breath' initiative, we at Sanofi are proud to contribute actively to the UAE's progressive efforts in air quality management." He emphasized the commitment to reducing environmental risks by implementing practical solutions in schools, setting a global example for effective action against air pollution.

As part of the initiative, Telfast is dedicated to addressing air quality inequality, particularly in communities most affected by poor air conditions, through collaborations with various organizations.

The think tank panel featured experts and policymakers discussing the initial findings of the "Take a Breath" study, aiming to set new standards for indoor air quality policies. This event serves as a call to action for stakeholders to enhance indoor air quality for better health outcomes.

Mai Daoud, Sustainability Lead for AMEA and China Region at Sanofi Consumer Healthcare, expressed Sanofi's commitment to a sustainable and healthier society through the partnership with Goumbook. Tatiana Antonelli Abella, Founder of Goumbook, emphasized the importance of transforming indoor air quality, inviting stakeholders to join efforts for a sustainable and healthier society.

About Sanofi: Sanofi is a global healthcare company committed to using the miracles of science to improve people's lives. With a presence in over 100 countries, Sanofi focuses on transforming the practice of medicine and providing life-changing treatment options and life-saving vaccine protection. Sustainability and social responsibility are at the center of Sanofi's ambitions.

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