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  • GE Oil & Gas University Program extends localized
GE Oil & Gas University Program extends localized

GE Oil & Gas (NYSE: GE) has completed its fifth GE Oil & Gas University Program for the technical staff of its long-term partner Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) and its associated companies.

A flagship training initiative of GE Oil & Gas, the University Program was launched internationally in 2005 and offers localized courses in leadership, finance, oil and gas equipment, energy and processes. Three localized courses have already been completed for ADNOC group of companies.

The intensive training program that has just concluded was attended by employees from across ADNOC group of companies; each participant had the opportunity to learn more about the strategies of oil and gas companies as well as to build their professional skills in team building and leadership.

Ali Al Jarwan, CEO of ADMA-OPCO, said: “Strengthening the competencies of our team members, particularly UAE Nationals, through continued training programs is a core commitment at ADNOC. GE Oil & Gas University Program is tailored to the requirements of our professionals. With a focus on energy, leadership and processes, the localized course complements the UAE leadership’s vision to nurture the talents of Emirati professionals and prepare them for business leadership roles.”

Rami Qasem, President & CEO, GE Oil & Gas MENAT, said: “Promoting a culture of localized innovation and human capital development are central pillars of our operations in the UAE. ADNOC and GE Oil & Gas work on several projects and we understand the technical and skillset requirements. Through the GE Oil & Gas Leadership Program, we focus on building both technical and leadership skills that will build the professional and personal development of the participants.”

The Abu Dhabi course offered by GE Oil & Gas University Program for ADNOC staff was held in collaboration with the Petroleum Institute over four weeks. The course is an intensive learning program customized to the requirements of ADNOC. It has a flexible schedule enabling participants to undertake the program at their work location.

As part of its focus on strengthening local talent, GE Oil & Gas previously signed an agreement with ADNOC’s Petroleum Institute University and Research Center (PI) to provide specialized training programs, summer internship opportunities and educational tools for PI students as part of its commitment to promote human capital development and promote knowledge sharing.




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