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Four New Programs in the Fall 2020 to be Introduced by AURAK


Four New Programs in the Fall 2020 to be Introduced by AURAK

The American University of Ras Al Khaimah (AURAK) is planning to introduce 4 new educational programs in Fall 2020 that have been reviewed currently by the External Review Team of the Commission on Academic Accreditation at the Ministry of Education.

The new programs include a Bachelor of Science in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science, a Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design, a Master of Science in Infrastructure Engineering, and a Master of Science in Sustainable and Renewable Energy.

“The 4 new programs have been cautiously vetted to extend the career choices for AURAK’s students while improving the University’s outreach both domestically and internationally. These contemporary programs are at the intersection of science and technology,” stated Prof. Lee Waller, Associate Provost – Office of Enrollment Management.

Artificial Intelligence

The UAE has launched a national approach for artificial intelligence (AI), which includes a range of initiatives aimed at using AI in essential areas such as education, government services, and community well-being.

The Bachelor of Science in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science will make sure that the graduates of the program are well geared up with the essential knowledge and abilities to fulfill the desires of the international and local markets, enabling graduates to pursue profitable careers as AI experts and data analysts.

“Artificial Intelligence constitutes an emerging discipline on the present day of science. This makes it an amazing future career field,” stated Prof. Waller.

Infrastructure Engineering

The Master in Infrastructure Engineering at AURAK goals to be a leading program in the Gulf Region. It is designed to equip experts involved in the planning, design and management of a number of infrastructure engineering sectors and systems, with advanced knowledge, management and research skills.

Engineering is another high-demand field.  “With regard to Infrastructure Engineering – all countries require certified personnel to improve the infrastructure so necessary to their monetary viability. One of the largest challenges of rising nations is to empower the engineering of their infrastructures,” Prof. Waller said.

Sustainable and Renewable Energy

The Master of Sustainable and Renewable Energy program coincides with the international trend towards clean and various energy sources and less dependence on oil. It is designed to grant the students with a balanced insurance of advanced renewable energy technologies. Students will study the repute of energy resources, their interaction with the environment, different renewable energy source technologies, methods and technologies for power management and conservation, and the monetary factors of renewable energy-based power generation.

Fears about the outcomes of over-reliance on fossil fuels and the environmental outcomes of burning them mean that interest in choice sources of electricity has never been higher. In this context, AURAK’s choice to provide a Master of Science in Sustainable and Renewable power is probably to prove famous with potential students.

Interior Design

The Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design has been chosen to complement the main Architecture program that the University launched six years ago. It will put together graduates to practice creative concepts and methods to the expert planning, designing, equipping, and furnishing of residential and industrial interiors. The program goals to graduate interior designers who are potential of being indoor architects.

The Interior Design program is supposed to provide greater width and depth to AURAK’s present Architecture courses.