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Fine Hygienic Holding Launches Fine Guard

Fine Hygienic Holding Launches Fine Guard

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  • Dubai News

Fine Hygienic Holding (FHH), one of the world’s leading Wellness and Hygiene Groups, has launched their modern innovation, Fine Guard, a face masks enhanced with advanced filtration and sterilisation technology, in light of the widespread Coronavirus, which has reportedly been detected in at least 23 countries.

FHH is devoted to offering hygienic solutions which go beyond the set market standards. The Group invested in the development of a hygienic defence system towards viral and bacterial illnesses, giving customers a higher level of safety than ever before.

James Michael Lafferty, FHH’s CEO said, “As a Wellness Company, Fine prioritises the health and safety of its customers, and is constantly researching and developing hygienic solutions that enhance their wellbeing. Considering the current world situation and for the future health of society, FHH has labored with Livinguard in Switzerland, and developed the Fine Guard mask as a proactive measure to protect the health and safety of those who use it.”

“We are honoured to provide the Fine Guard solution which will bolster the supply of face masks in the UAE, making sure protected practices, hygiene and minimizing the spread of disease, in support of the efforts of the Emirati Government, whose exemplary response to the outbreak in the region has demonstrated notable dedication to the safety of its citizens.”

Dr. Christopher Breuleux, President of the Medical Wellness Association (MWA) stated, “The MWA and FHH labored together to create a solution for consumers world-wide, via the use of LIVINGUARD, a patented and certified filtration and sterilisation technology from Switzerland. The technology is a safe chemical-free solution that neutralizes bacteria and viruses at the molecular level by using charged ions to disrupt their atomic structure, effectively rendering them inactive.”

He added, “There are undisputed pitfalls of the conventional masks recently sold; though they provide some protection against common pollution and larger particles, they fail to filter smaller pathogens like bacteria and viruses, leaving consumers inclined to infection.”

Sanjeev Swamy, CTO and Inventor at Livingaurd Technologies AG, said, “The use of our patented technology is not something we provide lightly, and we are very selective of the companies we select to work with, but partnering with FHH was an easy decision. As the world’s only producer of sterilised tissues, FHH is a clear example of a responsible corporation that constantly goes above and beyond to enhance the life and wellbeing of its customers and community. It’s inspiring to work with a company who is committed, not only to creating innovative products, but to engineering proactive hygienic solutions that have a actual impact on the welfare of the world.”

Fine Guard can be effortlessly washed while preserving the full effectiveness of the LIVINGUARD technology.

The mask is available on www.finestore.com and on Amazon.ae and will be coming soon to retailers throughout the GCC region, Levant, Egypt and Morocco.

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