Federal Tax Authority issues Taxpayer Charter outlining taxpayers’ key rights and obligations

H.E. Khalid Al Bustani: The Charter serves to ensure transparency in the tax system, enhancing quality of services, in line with the UAE Government’s directives to promote excellence in operations.

In its commitment to transparency and clarity within the UAE tax system, the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) has introduced the Taxpayer Charter. This official document delineates the rights and responsibilities of taxpayers in the country, aiming to enhance awareness and promote compliance with tax regulations.

His Excellency Khalid Ali Al Bustani, FTA Director General, affirmed, "The Federal Tax Authority is dedicated to upholding transparency and clarity standards within the UAE tax system. One pivotal aspect of this commitment is ensuring that taxpayers and stakeholders are well-informed about their rights and obligations."

Al Bustani further emphasized, "The introduction of the Taxpayer Charter is a significant milestone in this endeavor. It not only outlines taxpayers' obligations for compliance with tax laws but also educates them about their rights. This initiative contributes to transparency within the tax system and enhances the quality of services offered by the Authority, aligning with the UAE Government’s vision for operational excellence."

The Taxpayer Charter grants several rights to taxpayers, including the expectation of fair and respectful treatment, consistent application of tax legislation, privacy protection, and consideration of individual circumstances by the FTA. Additionally, taxpayers have the right to prompt responsiveness from the Authority, access to accurate information, representation by a registered Tax Agent or legal representative, the ability to appeal FTA decisions, and the option to lodge complaints about services provided.

Conversely, taxpayers are obligated to fulfill all applicable tax obligations, provide accurate information within stipulated deadlines, cooperate with the FTA and its staff, and support efforts to combat tax evasion.

The Taxpayer Charter forms part of the FTA's broader initiatives to educate taxpayers about the UAE tax system. These efforts include awareness campaigns, workshops conducted by FTA experts across all emirates, as well as the publication of manuals, guidelines, and Public Clarifications on the FTA's official website, among other resources.

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