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  • ENOC Group Pilots biodiesel Project for Dubai Municipality’s Fleet
ENOC Group Pilots biodiesel Project for Dubai Municipality’s Fleet

ENOC Group, in cooperation with Dubai Community recently introduced a pilot project making use of Biodiesel5 to fuel Dubai Municipality's fleet of trucks at its Umm Ramool facility.

Biodiesel5 is an innovative different green fuel launched by ENOC in the UAE to minimize carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions.

His Excellency Saif Humaid Al Falasi, Group Chief Executive Officer, ENOC, said: "The launch of Biodiesel 5 is lined up with the UAE Energy Plan for 2050 which targets a power mix that combines renewable, nuclear and clean power sources. Our partnership with Dubai District is testimony to our capacity to customize our solutions to customers' needs while remaining to contribute to our country's progression."

"We partnered with ENOC to get Biodiesel5 supply to the District's vehicle fleet to enhance our procedures and solutions. This relocation is in line with Dubai Municipality's vision of developing a pleased and lasting city, by implementing introducing sustainable techniques to attain its tactical objectives of preserving the atmosphere, and achieving the Dubai Integrated Power Method to generate 75% of Dubai's overall energy production from clean power resources by 2050, reducing the city's CO2 exhausts." mentioned Ahmed Abdul Kareem, Assistant Director General of Dubai Town for General Assistance Field.

Biodiesel5 is mostly used by firms for trucks and heavy construction tools without the have to upgrade the engines and fuel storage facility.

The intro of Biodiesel has actually been a pioneering move across lots of nations all over the world, particularly in Europe where the product has been mandated to fulfill nationwide greenhouse decrease targets.




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