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ENOC and Emarat add E-PLUS 91 to fuel offering.

ENOC and Emarat add E-PLUS 91 to fuel offering.

ENOC and Emarat today introduced the addition of E-PLUS 91 to their diverse range of gas offerings that include quality grades such as Special ULG 95 and Super ULG 98 in the motor gasoline category.

E-PLUS 91, used for low compression engines, will be available throughout 44 existing ENOC gas station and 20 Emarat stations to deal with the certain fuel needs of customers who mostly run commercial fleets; such as taxi companies, bus fleets, and automobile rentals and individuals with low compression engines.

ENOC will offer all fuel grades; which include Diesel, Special 95, Super 98 and E-Plus 91 throughout 22 of its present gas station, and intends to use customers its full series of fuel offering in all future service stations in the UAE.

Similarly, E-Plus 91 supplements the Emarat fuel offerings of Diesel, Special 95 and Super 98. The 91 octane gas is currently offered at 20 Emarat gas station. The full present will remain in three stages and the whole Emarat network is expected to be offering E-Plus 91 by the end of the first quarter of 2021.

To meet the need of commercial fleets, ENOC and Emarat will jointly identify select stations across their retail networks to change gasoline and 98 with E-Plus 91.

While Super 98 has a higher octane that makes it suitable for high-performance petrol-driven automobiles with high compression engines, Special 95 offers outstanding efficiency for all petrol-driven vehicles with medium compression engines.

His Excellency Saif Humaid Al Falasi, Group CEO, ENOC, claimed: "We acknowledge the importance of offering a varied gas providing to fulfill our consumers require for fuel; for both individuals and business fleet drivers. The enhancement of E-PLUS 91 remains in line with ENOC's focus to improve customer experience and access to a bigger range of items.

His Excellency, Ali Khalifa Al Shamsi, Director General, Emarat said: "Increasing our variety of fuel offerings to include E-Plus 91 is a step in the right instructions. We pride ourselves on delivering product or services according to customer needs and this initiative supports, in particular, our business consumers as they review company strategies creating leaner, a lot more agile and affordable ventures for the future."

ENOC and Emarat gas station are staffed by highly qualified, experienced personnel all set to help customers with all their motoring needs, using items that satisfy the highest international security and high quality criteria. All the fuel types are identified according to their octane level to assist customers select the right fuel for their engine type.

ENOC Group currently runs 147 gas station getting to an approximated 90 million customers each year. All of ENOC's future gas station will offer customers all 3 gasoline fuel grades. ENOC plans to enhance its UAE footprint to 192 gas station by the end of 2021.

Emarat has ambitious expansion plans for 2021 and will open 30 new stations in Dubai and across the Northern Emirates. Future filling station will supply E-Plus 91 as standard. Emarat continues to enhance its network of ingenious convenience stores, accommodating consumer requirements of modern gas station, by introducing a contemporary variety of fresh and healthy and balanced products. Additionally, prepares to increase the Café Arabicca range with specialized coffee choices are underway.