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Dubai City Geography: Interesting Stuff You Didn't Know

  • Dubai City Geography: Interesting Stuff You Didn't Know

Dubai City Geography: Interesting Stuff You Didn't Know

Dubai City Geography: Interesting Stuff You Didn't Know
By Emma M Henry

Dubai is located in the northeast part of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It shares boundaries with 2 other UAE Emirates - Abu Dhabi and Sharjah in addition to a boundary with the Sultanate of Oman. The entire western shoreline of Dubai surrounds the Persian Gulf.

Dubai lies approximately sixteen meters above water level and is around 4,000 square kilometers in dimension. Although located in the midst of the Arabian Desert, the city of Dubai the location and topography is dramatically unique than the southern parts of the United Arab Emirates. Much of the Dubai landscape is a sort of treat sand made from finely crushed reefs and coverings in comparison to the crushed rock deserts that cover huge areas even more to the south. The bigger dune located to the eastern of Dubai showcase a red shade to the sand as a result of the high web content of iron oxide.

The relatively flat, sandy desert to the west of Dubai lies at the base of the Hajar Mountains which borders Dubai with Hatta and Oman. These rugged rough mountains offer a jagged landscape to the area with some as soaring greater than 1,000 meters. The Dubai location in this area doesn't include components of sanctuary or rivers nevertheless the foot of this chain of mountains does have a number of waterholes and chasms called "wadis" that could come to be puffy with water after periods of rainfall.

The south of Dubai is composed of a vast location of dune that is understood desert referred to as "The Empty Quarter." In conformity to industry professionals, Dubai is cost free from any seismic task and tsunamis primarily as a result of that the waters of the Persian Gulf are rather shallow.

The Dubai desert consists of many varieties of wild lawns and day hand trees. Indigenous trees to Dubai include the date hand and Neem and there is likewise a variety of imported greenery such as the eucalyptus tree many of which are now fully grown in many of Dubai's' parks and yards.

The prominent Dubai creek runs northeast to southwest through the city of Dubai. The east part of the Dubai which is known as the "old part of town" is Deira is surrounded by Sharjah, an additional Emirate within the UAE. The east and the west areas of Dubai are linked by the Al Maktoum Bridge, Al Garhoud Bridge and Al Shindagha tunnel which all cross the Dubai Creek.

The gorgeous coastlines and the vast deserts and beautiful sand dunes give a magnificent background and a remarkable contrast to what is a now a dynamic and fast growing city.

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