CEO of Etihad ESCO, Ali Al Jassim’s Statement on World Earth Day 2019

“We at Etihad ESCO & TAQATI are dedicated to making this country a better, more sustainable place for us and coming generations. Earth Day is one of the biggest and best platforms that permits us to show and honor our pledge. It bonds people and activities under one banner and comprises global efforts to plant trees, end plastic pollution, fight climate change, save species, promote green schools and communities; and mobilizes people, communities, business and elected leaders to generate a greener, more sustainable future.”

“The Government plays a important role in protecting the biodiversity in the planet and educating the public about the importance of species, biodiversity, sustainable energy in regard to community health and well-being. We support UAE Vision 2021 to achieve a sustainable development that safeguards air quality, protect water resources, upsurge the share of clean energy, and implement green development. We are also honored to announce that we are saving 106 GWH of electricity per annum from our delivered project so far through our efforts to achieve Dubai’s ambitious target of 30 per cent reduction in energy consumption by 2030.”




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