Al Ruwad Businessmen Services appoints a new Managing Director

As part of its quest to expand its activities, Al Ruwad announced the appointment of Abdullah Al Ali as the Managing Director of Al Ruwad Businessmen Services.

Graduated with a degree in Law, Abdullah Al Ali is a young UAE national. He enjoys accumulated experience in this area and decent personality in dealing with various groups in the community.

Chairman of the Board of Directors, Ismail Al Hammadi, said that according to the Companys approaches, it is the right time to snatch the opportunities as Dubai, which is a real oasis to work and live, and a business hub is on the verge of a new economic era, urging us to expand our activities. Many business men and investors are also planning to exploit the opportunity of the Dubai Expo 2020 where large numbers of investors and international companies are expected to seek a foothold in the emirate.

Al Hammadi also said. "That the appointment of Ali comes within the framework of our efforts to support the government Emiratization policy by encouraging our fellow citizens to work in the private sector in order to sharpen their talents and augment their self-confidence, pointing out that 80% of Al Ruwad employees are UAE nationals.

Commenting on the appointment, Ali expressed delightedness to be selected for this position said that "Al Ruwad Businessmen Services" offers convenient solutions for business men, who need to establish their companies or open branches in Dubai along with other related services in the same area. "
Al Ruwad Businessmen Services also offers a number of services such as obtaining trade license approvals for companies that need to operate in the industrial, educational and health fields.

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