AAICO February 2024 Hackathon launched at Decoding Data Science

Abu Dhabi, UAE - January 22, 2024 - The Applied AI Company (AAICO), an AI firm based in Abu Dhabi backed by G42 has joined forces with Decoding Data Science (DDS), the largest UAE-based Data Science and AI community, to unveil the AAICO February 2024 Hackathon - Voice Stream Analysis: Control or Broadcast. The hackathon was officially announced on Thursday, January 18, 2024, during the DDS AI Monthly Community Meetup held at DIFC Fintech Hive.

The AAICO February 2024 Hackathon aims to challenge AI and data science students, professionals and enthusiasts worldwide. A prize pool of AED 20,000 ($5,450) is up for grabs, with the best-performing teams having the opportunity to interview for internships and employment at AAICO.

Registration for the hackathon is now open, and individuals or teams can sign up using the following link AAICO February 2024 Hackathon Registration. The deadline for registrations is 11:59 pm on January 31, 2024, GST.

The hackathon will be conducted remotely, allowing participants from any part of the world to engage. Teams will be challenged to develop an innovative Python solution capable of detecting specific commands in a one-minute audio stream, with a focus on speed and accuracy in real-time audio processing and multi-wake word recognition.

Participants will receive a dataset containing firefighter communication and commands in a one-minute audio recording. Their task is to develop a machine learning model that accurately identifies communication vs. commands in real-time, evaluated based on accuracy, latency, and computational efficiency at the audio frame level.

Key Dates:

  1. Registrations Close: January 31, 2024
  2. Problem Release: February 3, 2024
  3. Submission Deadline: February 11, 2024
  4. Prize Announcement: February 15, 2024

 AAICO is known for its focus on automating and enhancing mission-critical processes within the health and safety sectors. At the launch event at DIFC, Theo Fagnoni who is a lead engineer in AAICO’s Applied Sciences division said “AAICO hackathons are a fun and financially rewarding way for aspiring and experienced data science, software and AI engineers to collaborate on new and interesting real-world problems as well as develop relationships with the AAICO team for internships and job opportunities down the road.“

Decoding Data Science, excelling in consulting, academy, and building community, has played a pivotal role in shaping over 3,000 careers in AI and Data Science. Mohammad Arshad Ahmad, Founder believes in encouraging tech-savvy people to take part in hackathons . ” Embracing hackathons is not just a fun social activity but a key catalyst to unleashing an individual’s tech potential.”

About The Applied AI Company (AAICO)

The Applied AI Company (AAICO) specializes in building products that automate and enhance mission-critical processes within the health and safety sectors. Focused on improving productivity and quality in document-heavy decisions, AAICO serves industries such as healthcare, insurance, and pharmaceuticals, processing millions of articles monthly across the US, UK, Europe, and the UAE.

About Decoding Data Science

Decoding Data Science is a UAE-based startup and community excelling across consulting, academia, and building community. With a commitment to innovation and growth in both business and AI education, Decoding Data Science delivers data-driven solutions, shapes careers in AI and Data Science, and fosters a vibrant network of over 80,000 AI enthusiasts.

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