The 12th Abu Dhabi International Hunting and Equestrian Exhibition (ADIHEX) is coming to an end today

The 12th Abu Dhabi International Hunting and Equestrian Exhibition (ADIHEX) is coming to an end today. At 10 pm tonight all shows will be over and all 640 exhibitors from 48 countries will close their stands for the last time this year.
It's been a show bigger and busier than ever, with more exhibitors and thousands of visitors daily, with interactive talks, demonstrations on how to make a good knife or how to convince a horse to jump an obstacle, with breaking news from environmental officials, adoption of pets, archery competitions, with live Emirati folklore, auctions and the flying divas of Al Ain Zoo entertaining visitors in daily bird shows.

The new Knowledge Zone, introduced at ADIHEX for the first time this year, was fully booked by companies, environmentalists, safari operators and weapon manufacturers every day during the exhibition, to introduce to the public - in an interactive manner - their products, services and projects.
The last day of ADIHEX has always been just as important to traders as the first, as this is the time when buyers hope to strike the best deal. Whether looking for a falcon, a four wheel drive lift kit, some high quality camping gear, a new bike or even a boat, hard price negotiations are expected today.
In the exhibition's arena, the programme will be as full as the last three days, with plenty of shows for visitors to enjoy. From 11 am till 9.30 pm, here there will be natural horsemanship and dressage by Dhabian Equestrian Club, falcon lure coursing by Emirates Falconers' Club, a parrot show and the King of the Sky show by Al Ain Zoo, horse jumping demonstrations by UAE Army, the K9 dog show by Abu Dhabi Police and, ending the evening, and ADIHEX 2014, the last performance of Abu Dhabi Folklore Dance Group by Cultural Programmes and Heritage Festivals Committee - Abu Dhabi.

On Thursday night, after a close competitions, the news was out: Hamra, Zeheaban and Antar took the titles of the first round of Best in Show in the 9th Arabian Saluki Beauty Competition.

Run by Hamad Ghanem Shaheen Al Ghanem, Consultant at Cultural Programmes and Heritage Festivals Committee - Abu Dhabi, the competition attracted dozens of some of the best looking saluki dogs, all arriving at ADIHEX for the two days competition, which started on Thursday and will conclude today.

To start with, the smooth hair salukis were judged on Thursday. After running, walking, sitting and turning in the sandy arena, after being closely inspected and measured, the winners of the three different categories in the smooth hair competition were chosen.

Hamra, a four years old, red hair saluki coming from Al Wathba Palace in Abu Dhabi won the smooth female best in show. Most beautiful smooth male saluki was Zeheaban, a four years old sand coloured dog, also residing at Al Wathba Palace. The 12 years old Antar, from Al Rawdha farm in Al Ain won the best in show title for the oldest smooth hair saluki.

The same three categories will be judged in today's show, but for long hair salukis. Also today the overall winner of best in show from both smooth and long hair salukis will be crowned.

Far more than just an entertaining dog show, the Arabian Saluki Beauty Competition takes place at ADIHEX every year, aiming to encourage saluki owners to take better care of their dogs and take pride in them, as they are an intrinsic part of UAE heritage, just like falcons.

Centuries ago, when food was hard to come by in the Arabian desert, people would go hunting with a falcon or with a saluki. Bedouins have been breeding salukis for thousands of years. These desert hounds, known for their exceptional stamina, intelligence and loyalty are highly prized by Arabs, so much so that they shared their owners food and tent.
According to Ghanem, Bedouins still hunt with the salukis today, in packs of between two and six hounds, and they train their dogs to hunt with falcons as part of a team.

A provider of world-class solutions for the shooting industry, Remaya International, one of the four subsidiaries owned by Tawazun, is back at ADIHEX this year with a range of offerings for its shooting clubs in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain cities, including discounted annual membership for all exhibition visitors.

Remaya is also participating at ADIHEX 2014s newest offering the Knowledge Zone to share with exhibition visitors its expertise on weapon safety and combat first aid.
We caught up with Remaya Internationals Obaid Al Mazrouei to learn more about his role and how an Emirati sees the heritage of hunting and weaponry in the UAE.

Hello Obaid. So, what is it you do?
"My primary role is Club Manager at the Remaya International-managed Caracal Shooting Club in Abu Dhabi city. I help members and visitors to the shooting club master the art of shooting. I believe that a huge part of that mastery is to really understand how a gun works safely. "

Safety plays a large part in what you do?
"Absolutely! Of course, if you visit a shooting club you are keen to learn to shoot a weapon or practice straight away. At our clubs, we wont let anyone shoot without an understanding of the weapons parts, how to handle a gun and how to operate one safely. "

Did you have to qualify to be able to teach gun safety?
"Yes. I have two internationally-certified qualifications and that means I can teach gun safety across the world."

Why are you here at ADIHEX?
"Well, myself and my colleague Frank Karl Stretz will be at the Knowledge Zone to promote safety and first aid at ADIHEX. Shooting is a fine art but with that artistry comes responsibility and we are showing visitors weapon safety tips and combat first aid. Well also be showing visitors how to treat a gunshot wound. These are excellent shooting preparation tips and the Knowledge Zone is a great way for all exhibitors to share ideas and knowledge."

ADIHEX reflects the passion for weaponry and hunting heritage in the UAE. As an Emirati, how do you think shooting plays a significant part in the UAEs history and heritage?

"Shooting or remaya is definitely a part of the UAEs history. The mastery of that art is something that really demonstrates the ethos of the UAE. To have a passion for weaponry, sport shooting or hunting is one thing, but in the UAE, it was something that historically our ancestors relied on to survive. I am proud of that heritage and will do my best to keep that spirit alive, in a safe and user friendly way, of course".

Throughout the four days at ADIHEX 2014, Remaya Internationals Obaid Al Mazrouei and Frank Karl Stretz are using the interactive, multimedia platform at the Knowledge Zone to promote firearm safety and first aid.

They are sharing their weapon safety tips and Combat First Aid presentations using a mix of technology and live demonstrations with orange soft guns, as well as teaching participants the appropriate way to treat a gunshot wound.
During this last day of ADIHEX, the two experts are at the Knowledge Zone stage from 17.30 to17.50.

So popular is the Nissan Patrol in the UAE and the Arab Gulf in general, that Nissan engineers travel to Abu Dhabi deserts to test their off-road trucks before releasing them onto the market. For decades now, the Patrol, nicknamed king of the desert or the shabab car, is the preferred 4x4 vehicle for desert enthusiasts, alongside Toyotas FJ Cruiser, Land Cruiser and, more recently, Jeeps Wrangler and Cherokee models.

No wonder, the new 2014 Nissan Patrol Safari attracts a lot of attention at Abu Dhabi International Hunting and Equestrian Exhibition (ADIHEX). An upgraded 2014 model, with trimmed wood interior, LED daylights and a new designed bumper, the latest Patrol Safari goes for AED 170,000 (manual transmission) or AED 185,000 (automatic transmission).

Al Masaood Automobiles, the certified automobile dealer for Nissan, Infiniti and Renault in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain, is showcasing all its latest models at ADIHEX 2014. Through its participation at the exhibition this year, Al Masaood hopes to attract passionate individuals, who are interested in the various practices of hunting, safari adventures and outdoor leisure. The companys team of experts is on standby at its ADIHEX stand, ready to tell visitors about their latest 4x4 vehicles innovations that would enhance the off-road experience in a safe and an enjoyable manner.

As an automotive company we aim through our participation to always offer the visitors new elements of surprise, through exhibiting creatively and safely modified cars to suit the taste of passionate adventurers. This is an event that we value highly due to the opportunities it provides us with through networking with the visitors and also sales, said Irfan Tansel, Chief Executive Officer of Al Masaood Automotive.

According to him, Al Masaoods presence at ADIHEX year after year proves the companys commitment to the preservation of the UAEs heritage and local traditional customs.

Among the 640 exhibitors that set shop at Abu Dhabi international Hunting and Equestrian Exhibition this year, an impressing large number came from western countries, especially Europe and USA. The American wild wide west, although not so wild anymore, is famous for its equestrian industry, producing some of the best quality and most beautiful horse saddles and other equestrian products. In the special equestrian area of ADIHEX, visitors may see some of the biggest brands in the American market, who are here to promote their services and products, including Mackinder Saddles, Pampa Saddles, Diamond Wool Pad Co., Ice Horse and Loop Hair Trimmers.
In a different trading area of the exhibition, CCOP, the American hunting equipment company, has also joined ADIHEX 2014. The company has a deep-rooted history in designing optical equipment, hunting weapons and supplies and it is known for testing the products in the open air. CCOP specializes in designing, developing and manufacturing high-quality and reasonably-priced accessories, used all over the world.

Also coming from USA, Cold Steel was founded in 1980 and has been enjoying a good reputation since due to its durable and high quality products, which are well-known among hunters and outdoors enthusiasts. The product list includes folding razors, straight blades, daggers and high-quality axes, spears and swords.

Americans, who form some of the largest numbers when it comes to big game hunting, have developed one of the biggest industries in the hunting field, hunting weapons included. One of its top companies, Christensen Arms, is also exhibiting at ADIHEX. It is well-known for its extensive experience and high craftsmanship in manufacturing parts for hunting weapons using advanced designs, techniques of precision mechanics and high-efficiency materials similar to those used in medical equipment and space industries.
Another must-see stand at ADIHEX for hunting fans is SportEar, also an American company, which custom makes hearing protection and enhancement products, especially ear plugs and ear muffs, ideal for hunting, shooting range, motorsports and even construction sites applications. In the hunting field, SportEAR was designed to do two of the most important jobs in hunting help hunters hear their game animals while protecting their hearing ability from gun blast. SportEARs AutoBlocker technology works by compressing sounds that reach unsafe levels, while allowing the user to hear lower decibel noises and enhanced higher frequency sounds. This technology lets hunters and others exposed to loud noises to stop hearing damage before it begins, while reducing flinch for more accurate shot placement.
Among European, Emirati and Central Asian artists at ADIHEX 2014, there is also an American gallery, the Sorrel Studios, run by Kenna Al Sayed. The gallery specializes in realistic paintings and works of art involving horses and scenes of horsemanship.

From further north, the Canadian company Deep Trekker has brought treasures from the deep at ADIHEX. Its stand at the exhibition presents some of its newest and most popular products, supplies needed to explore the depths of the oceans, seas, lakes and rivers. The company attentively listens to the opinions of amateurs and professionals alike in order to give them the best tools they need to make their dreams come true.

European companies, especially British and German ones, are too in the limelight of ADIHEX 2014! Among them is the German company Blaser Jagdwaffen, one of the leading manufacturers of hunting rifles and cartridge weapons in Europe. Another German presence is Gottfried Prechtl, which is showcasing at the Abu Dhabi exhibition its newest weapons and its most distinct rifles. In addition to producing hunting shotguns cartridges and M 98 rifles, Prechtl is developing the 98M shotguns to the highest degree of accuracy in sports field (GS04). First time to take part at ADIHEX, Waffen Lux Heidelberg Reinhold Lux is an 85 years old German weapons manufacturer, who also trades in Western and Eastern European, Russian included, firearms.
The heavy UK presence includes Eley Hawk ltd, which is known to be one of the biggest manufacturers of hunting rifles and shotguns weapons worldwide. Shotguns produced by this company in its headquarters in Britain since 1828 enjoy an international prestigious reputation, due to their superior performance, accuracy, high balance and quality.

James Birdy and Sons, which this year celebrates200 years of excellence, is also here. Known for manufacturing uniquely designed rifles and guns, the company will showcase a selected and ornamented range of these weapons, in addition to their covers and hand-made tools that reflect the artistic craftsmanship of Britain.

Among the half a dozen UK weapon manufacturer exhibiting at ADIHEX there is the Gun Trade Association, the officially recognized body representing the legitimate sporting, recreational and professional gun trade in UK. With over 700 members, this associations mission is to promote and protect this industry at all levels.

It was excellent! We loved the shows and we bought some off-roading equipment at better price than out in the shops, claimed Khaled Al Rumaithi, one of the thousands of daily visitors of ADIHEX this year. A regular desert driver, Khaled was mostly looking for off-roading equipment for his new Jeep Wrangler Rubicon.

I do a lot of desert night drive and I was looking for some flashing lights to fix on the roof of the car, which I found at fairly good price, he said.
Weather looking for hunting equipment, outdoor gear, falcons, a desert bike or just a splash of Emirati culture and heritage, visitors to Abu Dhabi International Hunting and Equestrian Exhibition did not leave disappointed.
The funny thing is I dont like hunting. I love animals live and well. Still, I enjoyed ADIHEX for the past two years and that is why I returned this year too, said Amanda Croft, an Australian visitor.

Did you see the Parrot Show? That was my favourite! And the Environment Agency stand was another of my favourites very creative and informative. I loved the Falcon Centre too, and the Emirati Heritage exhibition. I tried to learn more about the dhow boats and the Arab fishing methods in the past, but unfortunately I dont speak enough Arabic and the men sitting in the sea area of the exhibition couldnt understand English, she added.
For UKs James Larson, who came from Dubai to see the exhibition, found ADIHEX an eye-opener!

I live in Dubai for four years, yet this is the first time I come to see ADIHEX and Im happy I finally did! It is very well put together and plenty of good products on offer. Some of them were really over the top. I saw some golden, diamond encrusted falcon hoods wow! In many respects, I felt I was visiting a museum, said James.

I was after some good quality camping gear tents and sleeping bags mostly and I only wish I had a bigger budget as there is so much available here! Most definitely I will return next year, he added.

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