Zulekha Hospital Sharjah Introduces new Technique for Liver and Pelvic Cancer Treatment

Experts at Zulekha Hospital Sharjah have efficiently dealt with a 51-year-old Egyptian individual who has been suffering for the last 2 years from rectal cancer and persisting transition (which is a spread caused by a malignant tumor) making use of the most up to date CT-guided Percutaneous Microwave Ablation (MWA) Strategy. The person was uninformed of the cancer cells infecting different organs as she had the ability to accomplish her regular everyday routine with occasional discomfort only.

The person was initially treated with a surgery in Egypt. Post-surgery she underwent a PET (Positron Emission Tomography) check in which the liver metastasis was identified. Her dealing with physician had suggested medicine for six months without immunotherapy, additional assessment exposed that the liver metastasis had proceeded and issue arose due the recurrence of rectal carcinoma (cancer).

The individual had gone through one more surgical procedure for liver metastasectomy and proceeded her therapy. On her subsequent, the physicians found new liver transition by investigations (ANIMAL check and MRI). Burdened by the reappearance of the disease, she sought advice from Surgical Oncologist & General Surgeon Dr. Fadi Alnehlaoui that was supported by Dr. Amro Adnan Kabakbjy, Expert Interventional Radiologist at Zulekha Hospital Sharjah.

Without delay, the tumour board group of specialists at the Hospital including clinical oncologists, radiologists and cosmetic surgeons talked about the course of action and medical professionals carried out the CT-guided Percutaneous Microwave Ablation (MWA) as the instance is fragile complying with a previous hepatic surgical treatment. This technique is the recent introduction in treating metastatic cancers cells and works trustworthy and minimally invasive method of treatment. A week after the treatment was done, the individual was discharged and advised to be on regular diet, staying clear of too much pressure on her body.

Dr. Alnehlaoui said: "We rejoice we are managing some rare and complex cases with the latest available modern technology and know-how. That we could treat this difficult case with a marginal invasive treatment is satisfying and we will certainly be guaranteeing individual centric care at every step. The group assured a positive outcome from this marginal invasion treatment and the person was pleased to be discharged after just one week adhering to the surgical treatment."

The surgery not just is a main treatment, yet likewise as adjunctive therapy to external radiation. The hospital likes reviewing and managing intricate situations across several techniques and creating Centres of Excellence, oncology being an emphasis location as well. The centers at the hospital have actually been updated to enable the clinical groups to be able to support unforeseen complexities.

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