Valiant Clinic & Hospital partners with bioniq to provide innovative premium health and wellness services

Valiant Clinic & Hospital, a world-class multi-specialty hospital in Dubai, has partnered with bioniq, a health optimisation platform, that provides personalized health solutions This is perfectly aligned with Valiants continued efforts towards offering the best health and wellness treatment services to its patients.

Under the new partnership, Valiant will work with bioniq to guide patients as they enter a comprehensive wellness journey. The process starts with a blood test and an analysis which will provide the patient with a snapshot of the bodys specific needs. This includes an assessment of up to 50 parameters, such as vitamins, minerals, hormone levels, and liver and kidney functions, among others.

The unique bioniq system helps create a bespoke, personalized formula with up to 53 Swiss-made components. bioniqs nutritionist is also available to further provide guidance to patients onwards to their journey in the program.

Additionally, to take into account the human bodys changing needs, the blood tests will be repeated every two months, with adjustments made as necessary to re-customise the treatment based on changes in the results. The recommended supplement packages are designed to complete the nutritional gaps that may exist in the patients diet.

Soliman El-Matbouly, COO, Valiant Clinic & Hospital, said: Valiant Clinic & Hospital values the increasing role of wellness treatments to enhance a healthy lifestyle, which is why we sought a strategic partnership with bioniq. Many people continue to become aware about the importance of building a healthy lifestyle and maintaining their well-being. We will complement the care provided to their patients with additional advanced technologies and clinical competencies, as part of our mission to offer the best services to our patients in Dubai.

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