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UAE residents can now go through their fitness journeys with a new application - FitWin


UAE residents can now go through their fitness journeys with a new application - FitWin

Digital fitness and wellness motivation platform STEP (Self-Care-Technology – Engagement – Protocol) has introduced a rewarding fitness application called FitWin in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), in an offer to raise the level of motivation of individuals and communities aiming to win back apt health by engaging in physical activities. 

The new app ensures users that every step count, and every effort to stay fit and healthy will be rewarded. The app’s market launch is in line with the goals of the UAE to advertise the health and wellbeing of its people. 

FitWin, which is now accessible on Apple App Store and Google Play Store, aims to become the most rewarding fitness app in the country and in the region through its partnership with leading brands such as Amazon.ae, Dubai Heli, Apple Music, Netflix, Careem, Centrepoint, Shukran, Lulu, Noon, Dreamwork Spa, and many more. Based on the progress of users, they will be rewarded with cash vouchers from these partner brands throughout their fitness journeys.

STEP has been performing worldwide and has taken off wellness and fitness apps in over 10 countries across the GCC, Europe and Africa. Its FitTech solution comprises 27 technologies and an Ecosystem which includes the STEP platform. 

The introduction of FitWin in the UAE seeks to increase more health fanatic in the country as they move around, whether they are walking, dancing, working out, cycling or anything which keeps them active. The app has a various feature including personalized workouts, food blog, active peer community and most importantly, a reward system which covers leading lifestyle and essential brands. 

The company strengthens a reward system built with carefully selected brands with which people can save time and focus their efforts on their health.

“Stepping out from one’s comfort zone may seem challenging for most of us. However, with the right motivation and guidance we can discover and explore new sides of ourselves that we never knew existed. This is the idea from which FitWin came to life, and we aim to keep our users moving and genuinely reward them for starting or keeping up their individual fitness journeys.”

“What makes FitWin unique is its reward system, which encourages people to look after their health, ultimately making a difference in the rising prevalence of ‘diabetes + obesity = Diabesity’ in the region. We will be undertaking this journey along with our users, motivating them in every step of the way to help them keep up the momentum and commitment to transformation,” added Alexandre. 


Alexandre Rigaud

App users can assemble their rewards and cash vouchers from FitWin’s brand partners after they reach a certain mileage in their fitness programs. Its selective characteristics are carefully curated by a team of fitness experts to help users remain on track with their fitness routines at every step. The fitness journey gets more rewarding as one moves along, leaving no excuses to miss any exercise schedule. 

“Staying fit and healthy has become even more important for many during these times and FitWin is here to strengthen that push for anyone keen to start or maintain their fitness journey. This program has kicked off in the UAE and France - two countries with high levels of interest on keeping a healthy lifestyle among the population. This will be followed by the launch in Saudi market.” remarked Jean-Michel Alfieri, Co-founder and Executive Chairman, STEP,

 “We have seen in the UAE in particular a spike in the number of health awareness programs in recent years, encouraging citizens, residents and visitors alike to engage in physical activities such as sports to enhance one’s physical and mental health. Psychologically, people like to be rewarded for their efforts at every stage and demotivation is what often stops them from achieving their goals. FitWin addresses this aspect precisely,” added Jean-Michel. 


Jean-Michel Alfieri

FitWin aims to minimize the barriers to anyone’s fitness goals and increase their fitness levels with the support of a reward system which comprise prizes worth up to AED 10,000 per month, which further motivates users to continue or build their routine. 

Adding to it, in the spirit of the holy month of Ramadan, FITWIN is  increasing the motivation levels by offering 50 percent discount on the yearly subscription. People are who are keen to start their fitness journey can benefit from this offer by registering at https://bit.ly/32u0VPV 

To learn more about the app and to access the app features such as workouts, health blogs, and chat via the mobile application as well via web applications, Users can subscribe at https://bit.ly/3v3CODV.