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Toyota and Global Institute for Motor Sport Safety Launch 4-year Joint Research Project Using THUMS Virtual Human Model

  • Toyota and Global Institute for Motor Sport Safety Launch 4-year  Joint Research Project Using THUMS Virtual Human Model

Toyota and Global Institute for Motor Sport Safety Launch 4-year Joint Research Project Using THUMS Virtual Human Model

Toyota Electric motor Firm and the Global Institute for Motor Sport Safety and security (Global Institute) have actually released a four-year research project using Toyota's Overall Human Design for Safety (THUMS) with the aim of boosting safety and security in motorsports. The Global Institute is the safety and security research study partner of the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA), the governing body of world motorsports.

The joint research study project covers research study on accidents including not just closed-circuit race automobiles, yet additionally rally cars and trucks, and will perhaps consist of testimonial of seat structures and seatbelt positioning. Based upon the results, the Global Institute plans to think about actions that could lead to upgrading motorsports guidelines and other actions to boost the safety of motorsports vehicles.

Although crash dummies are generally made use of in vehicle collision tests, they do not enable simple and detailed evaluation of exactly how crashes affect the brain, interior organs and particular various other parts of the body. As a result, Toyota has actually been working with Toyota Central R&D Labs, Inc. given that 2000 to develop THUMS, which allows for computer system simulation and evaluation of real problems throughout a collision and of the systems of injury occurrence, consisting of that of injuries to interior organs and various other parts of the body.

" Since its founding, Toyota has actually committed itself to producing automobiles that are safe and supply complete peace of mind," said Takayuki Yoshitsugu, Chief Agent, Middle East and North Africa Representative Office, Toyota Electric motor Company. "We delight in to partner with the Global Institute to continue providing on this vision and go beyond the expectations of our valued customers who connect the name Toyota with a brand name that is devoted to leveraging technology and industry technologies to offer customers with much safer and much more protected driving experience."

"It is deeply satisfying to understand that our customers have been highly pleased of our safety-related campaigns, and I wish to express my honest appreciation to them for their continued support throughout the years," Yoshitsugu added.

Since 2007, Toyota has been using THUMS not only for general automobiles, but likewise to assess injuries as a result of accidents in motorsports. In feedback to a request from the FIA and NASCAR (the U.S.-based National Association for Stock Car Automobile Competing), Toyota has actually also been making use of THUMS to identify slowdown g-forces and the effective pressures enforced throughout a crash on the back and inner organs, due to the seating problems unique to race vehicles, and to examine approaches of mitigating those forces.

Last year, as part of its ongoing commitment toward enhancing vehicle safety and security performance, Toyota boosted its THUMS online collision dummy software application with a brand-new series of versions. The company added three new models - representing children aged ten, six, and 3 - to Variation 4 of the software; the expanded line-up takes into account the influence of age and physique, and permits an extra detailed injury analysis.

THUMS is used for a variety of objectives by auto producers, components producers, and universities, both in Japan and overseas. It contributes to study on safety modern technologies not just at Toyota, yet also by organizations all over the world. The supreme wish of a mobile society is to progress in the direction of the goal of getting rid of traffic fatalities and injuries.