The team from UK Department for Education characterized as Sharjah English School an outstanding school
The inspectors were particularly impressed to find students “disciplined, confident and articulate”

Sharjah English School, a not-for-profit school has received the report from UK government inspectors who were assigned to inspect accredited British Schools Overseas (BSO). According to the BSO report, the school was characterized as ‘an outstanding school’, declaring that ‘it is very effective and standards across all areas are very high’.

Commenting on the report, SES Principal John Nolan said: “We are very proud that the BSO team from the UK Department for Education has recognized the extremely hard work of our staff, pupils and families, who have created a truly unique educational experience.”

“Sharjah English School is one of a few not-for-profit schools in the UAE, and we aim to foster a true community environment where pupils feel happy and thrive. The report comes on the back of our record-breaking GCSE and A Level results in 2018 – the best in Sharjah and the Northern Emirates – and it is another milestone in our efforts to create excellent opportunities for all our students.”

The report underlined the high level of students’ academic attainment and the inspectors were influenced to find students “disciplined, confident and articulate”, recording that “even the youngest students behave responsibly”. The leadership was commended as “effective and distributed” with “an outstanding principal” who have succeeded in forming “a small school ethos with a strong community feel”.  

Generally, British overseas schools are subject to the UK government’s voluntary inspection scheme. The UK Department for Education inspects schools based on a common set of standards that British schools overseas can choose to endorse.

The inspection teams approved by the UK Department for Education are available to British schools overseas; the inspection reports produced by the inspectors was made available to parents and the prospective parents.  




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