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Synology discloses DiskStation Manager 6.2.2

Synology discloses DiskStation Manager 6.2.2

Synology Inc. today released the latest update of DiskStation Manager (DSM) 6.2.2 which features a series of new functionalities that optimizes user navigation as well as enhances system performance to a great extent.

Hewitt Lee, Director of Product Management Group at Synology says “DSM 6.2 has demonstrated field-proven reliability with over 3.4 million Synology NAS running it. Tailor-made for your IT infrastructure and ready to fit into any environment, DSM 6.2.2 now comes with more granular options that help IT administrators gain better control over the whole system.”

Key Features include:

Smart Update: In order to achieve the highest system uptime, the Smart Update detects if the system would benefit from the update and accordingly decide to either skip or install the update based on the system’s running services.

Migration Assistant Beta: The new package not only minimizes the disruptions to existing services and users while hardware upgrades but also permits you to complete whole-system migration consisting of volumes, LUNs and allowing configurations with ease.

System Optimization: Granular configurations that ensure consistent performance in production environments are now available in ISCSI Manager, Snapshot Replication and Synology High Availability.

Contextual guidance to provide quick resolutions: In order to minimize confusion and human errors, all the information and troubleshooting tips are added to Storage Manager with complete guidance for users to resolve potential issues as well as providing them the support to different characteristics of storage management. Thus, ensuring the best user experience.

DSM 6.2 and list of packages for file management, backup, syncing, high availability, video surveillance, central management and more will receive security updates and necessary fixes until June 2023. Businesses can maintain a stable production environment with the help of long-term support provided.

To know more about DSM 6.2, visit: https://www.synology.com/dsm/6.2

To get the complete information about Synology’s security and update policy, refer to the security Whitepaper: https://www.synology.com/dsm/6.2

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