Surgeons Bring Relief to Misdiagnosed, Chronically ill Patient

Dubai, UAE, 8 December, 2016: A group of doctors at Zulekha Healthcare facility Sharjah efficiently removed a bigger 18cm gallbladder from the abdomen of a UAE resident, who had suffered from intense stomach pain for greater than a year.

The four-and-a-half hour operation was executed on a middle-aged women patient who had been experiencing severe abdominal discomfort which made it tough for her to walk or straighten her back.

Dr Sajad Ali Mohammad, Specialist General and Laparoscopic Surgeon at Zulekha Hospital Sharjah said: "The individual came with signs of serious stomach discomfort and an ultrasound scan of her abdominal areas exposed distended gallbladder with a huge stone blocking its neck."

Before her consultation at Zulekha Health center, the patient, that wishes to remain anonymous, had gotten in touch with medical professionals at several various other local health centers where she received therapy for minor tummy ailments and other acidity-related troubles.

Dr Mohammad included: "The patient was in such severe condition that she had to stroll with her back curved and upon detailed evaluation, we advised a prompt surgical treatment."

Done by a team of expert medical professionals, the operation exposed an unusually bigger and inflamed18cm lengthy gallbladder with thickened wall surfaces that prevented the doctors from executing a basic laparoscopic surgical treatment. Gallbladders are normally 7-10cm in length.

Dr Mohammad said: "Usually we operate 300 cases of this condition each year with using treatment referred to as laparoscopic cholecystectomy. This time, nonetheless, the surgical treatment was much more difficult and we had to do in open strategy as the gallbladder inhabited most of the client's best abdominal area side, making it impossible to be completed by laparoscopy."

Conducted by a surgeon, 2 anaesthetists and nurses, the surgical procedure entailed physicians making one big cut to remove the swollen gallbladder and several stones, with the biggest one measuring 6cm in size.

The patient said: "I had gone to several healthcare facilities and did not get any type of relief for my pain till I got in touch with Dr Mohammad at Zulekha Health center, that immediately suggested me to undertake a surgical treatment for the gallstones."

" He was extremely caring and was offered throughout my remain, making me really feel secure and certain I remained in excellent hands. I am grateful to the entire team for their assistance and thank to them I am finally back healthy."

Inning accordance with worldwide study "Gallstones: A Worldwide Multifaceted Illness and Its Correlations with Gallbladder Carcinoma" published this November by Town library of Scientific research, gallstone-associated illnesses are among the most constant illness in the UAE and India and are thought to arise from ecological conditions and dietary practices widespread in this part of the world.

Caption: The team of physicians that carried out the surgical procedure at Zulekha Hospital Sharjah: Dr Arindam Dutta, Expert Anaesthetist; Dr Sajad Ali Mohammad, and Dr Mamdouh Abddu-El-Moety Maged Mohamed, Consultant Anaesthetist.

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