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Successful Production of 25% Chemically Recycled PET: Viridis 25 Announced

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Successful Production of 25% Chemically Recycled PET: Viridis 25 Announced

First food-grade PET (polyethylene terephthalate) made with 25 per cent chemically recycled plastic

Leaping ahead with a step forward innovation to assist address the world want for the elevated use of chemically recycled PET; the EQUATE Group on January 23,2020 introduced the manufacturing of the first successful batch of Viridis 25. Viridis 25 is a new food-grade polyethylene terephthalate (PET) by Equipolymers (EQP), which uses up to 25% chemically recycled PET as feedstock, considerably reducing the want for virgin PET, thereby assisting end the loop in the circular economy.

As part of their sustainability strategy, EQP began this progressive project in 2009 to make use of more recycled PET, the basis of most plastic beverage bottles. They began with Viridis 10, a PET grade containing up to 10% recycled PET, but, in 2016, EQP advanced to the V25 project in collaboration with a main brand proprietor to enlarge the quantity of recycled material in its PET.

“We proceed to grow in our journey to minimize our carbon footprint with world class manufacturing amenities and producing a 25 per cent chemically recycled PET is a huge milestone,” stated Naser Aldousari, Senior Vice President at the EQUATE Group. “It was a collaborative effort between the petrochemical and commercial business communities, and as an outcome Viridis 25 will have far-reaching environmental, social and enterprise benefits.”

Viridis 25 is now available in the market through the EQUATE Group’s subsidiary EQUIPOLYMERS and will exceptionally goal the European market.

Muayad Al-Faresi, Global Business Director, PET at EQP said, “There is strong demand for PET bottles, and our mission is to grant a sustainable product that meets high-quality of life and public health needs. Chemical recycling technology has opened new horizons for the plastic industry, enabling us to address the growing environmental affect and waste worries in a good and sustainable way. EQP has tapped into this opportunity, making it a focus area to foster future innovation.”