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Snapchatters can now take the selfie of a lifetime!

Snapchat has started revealing its most recent lens Time Machine which gives Snapchatters a chance to change the presence of their age by dragging a simple slider over their screen, going from youthful to old in less than a second. Utilizing advanced machine learning and training models, users can see the years soften away in real time, at that point share with their closest friends.

Just because, Snapchatters can perceive how time truly flies when they're having a great time! Users can get access to the lens by clicking here.

Step by step instructions to utilize the Time Machine Lens:

• If you don't as of now have Snapchat, download it for iOS or Android

• Snapchat will naturally open to the camera

• Open Lenses Carousel by pressing Smiley Button or tap on screen

• Find the Time Machine lens in carousel, represented by this symbol:

• Select which bearing you need the camera to shoot utilizing the rotating arrows: Time Machine works utilizing the forward looking and back confronting cameras, so give it a shot on yourself, or your friends, family, favourite television stars, chronicled figures… we surrender the creativity over to you!

• Once you've focused your face in either the forward looking or back confronting camera, tap on your screen to raise the Lens Carousel

• Swipe left until you arrive at the Time Machine lens

• Adjust the slider left to twist back the clock, and slide right to add on the years

• Tap or hold 🔘 to catch the Snap!

• There are subtleties on the most proficient method to trade/spare your photograph or video here

In 2015, Snapchat presented Lenses as a path for clients to communicate and share how they feel with their dearest companions. Today, over 70% of day by day dynamic clients play with or see Lenses consistently (start) to change the manner in which they look, enlarge their general surroundings, play games, and assist them with finding out about the world.

Creative assets can be downloaded here.




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