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Snap is expanding Discover in the Middle East with 18 new Shows

Snap is expanding Discover in the Middle East with 18 new Shows

• New Shows include those from the Saudi Broadcasting Authority, Telfaz11, Dubai TV and Augustus
• Rotana Media Group, Online Lifestyle Network and ITP Media Group are updating their current shows for the new season

Today, Snap announces that it will significantly expand its local content in the Middle East and North Africa. Snapchat Discover will airing in the coming weeks, Snapchatters in the region will have 18 new shows and 9 new seasons available to enjoy and subscribe to.

The slate includes content from new partners such as Telfaz11, bringing its two hit shows, Top 5 and Al Khallat - to the platform. The Saudi Broadcasting Authority brings the best of goals and highlights from the Saudi Pro League. Dubai TV and Online Lifestyle Network and are launch of new shows. There are many updates of popular shows, Like the Tarek Show of Rotana Media Group, House of Comedy from TREND and Without a Filter from Al Aan TV.

These new Showsenhances the already robust range of Arabic language content watched by Snapchatters in the region and around the world, The platform now offers more than 450 premium content channels around the world, including leading TV networks, entertainment studios, and content developers reviewing popular series for Snapchat. Shows are a full screen, storytelling- made for mobile. They feature motion graphics, split screens, quick cuts, and are inspired by the expressive way Snapchatters talk to their closest friends.

Rami Saad, Head of International Content Partnerships at Snap, Said: “We reach more than 90% of 13-34 year olds in Saudi Arabia, so it is natural to continue to expand our availability here. We are constantly amazed by the creativity of our partners, and we know our community is going to be delighted by these new programs.”

Zeinab Abu Alsamh, Chief Commercial Officer, Saudi Broadcasting Authority, Said: “We are very pleased with our partnership with Snapchat. We had a fantastic start and there is still much to come! Specially that We are in an era where people engage with social and communication platforms. A large number of visitors from Saudi Arabia and the Middle East use Snapchat every day, so we look forward to continuing this collaboration, which will provide an interesting screening experience for our audience in the future.”

AlaaFadan, Chief Executive Officer, Telfaz11, Said: “As Telfaz11 continues to reach its audience wherever they are and Being on Snapchat is a natural decision for us because of its popularity in Saudi Arabia. Our partnership with Snapchat allows us to expand our pop cultural influence with our unique storytelling to even more fans in the kingdom and beyond.”

Firas Kablawi, Channels Marketing and Development Director, Rotana Media Group, Said: “Once again, we are excited to bring more Rotana content to Snapshot Discover. Snapchat is one of the most popular platform in the Arab region, especially for GCC. Our youngest viewers enjoy watching mobile-made episodes of their favorite Rotana TV shows. Such as the 'Tarek Show' are very popular on platform. Other programs currently available on Snapchat are heavily consumed by Snapchatters; these include popular talk shows such as 'Shark Tank', 'Al Liwan' and 'Fi Al Soura' in Arabic and our hit comedy series 'Shabab Al Bomb'. We are excited to announce that we will be adding new programs to our Snapchat roster like 'Koora' and we are happy to continue sharing great content with Snapchatters in the region and beyond.”

New Shows (new partners):
1. Automotive Talk from AlMurabaNet
2. Fashion Star from Dubai TV
3. Astronauts from Dubai TV
4. School Tastes Better with Hayat from Fatafeat
5. Tutorial Jamalouki from Jamalouki
6. Hakaya Aya from Karmic
7. Maalouma Turbo from Karmic
8. Ghomood from Online Lifestyle Network FZLLC
9. Koora from Rotana Media Group
10. Saudi Pro League Highlights from Saudi Broadcasting Authority
11. Dawri with Waleed from Saudi Broadcasting Authority
12. The Trend from Sayidaty Lifestyle Network
13. Girls Know from Sayidaty Lifestyle Network
14. Shu Qissat from Sky News Arabia
15. Top5 from Telfaz11
16. Al Khallat from Telfaz11
17. SMASHI in Space from Augustus
18. SMASHI Tech from Augustus

Renewing Shows
1. Without a Filter from Al Aan TV
2. Cars and More from AlMurabaNet
3. ITP Live - Expensive Tastes from ITP Media Group
4. Hijabi Beauty from Online Lifestyle Network FZLLC
5. MakeUp Transformation from Online Lifestyle Network FZLLC
6. Tarek Show from Rotana Media Group
7. Shabab Al Bomb from Rotana Media Group
8. House of Comedy from TREND

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