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Smart Government: MBRSG Concludes ‘Future Trip 3.0’ Programme with the 5th and Final Station

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Smart Government: MBRSG Concludes ‘Future Trip 3.0’ Programme with the 5th and Final Station

The Mohammed bin Rashid School of Government (MBRSG) has concluded the third edition of its ‘Future Trip’ programme with a fifth and last station themed ‘Smart Government’, held on January 15-16, 2020, at the MBRSG headquarters.

The two-day event included workshops, as well as field trips to the Smart Dubai Department headquarters and the Office of the UAE Minister of State for Artificial Intelligence (AI). Bringing collectively leaders and officials from the first and second tier from throughout the federal and local governments, as well as the non-public sector, the programme seeks to empower public and private-sector leaders, assist decision-making procedures throughout a number of initiatives with cutting-edge practices and future-forecasting techniques, and introduce contributors to the potential of open and huge information in enhancing the UAE’s economy and society.

MBRSG’s Executive President His Excellency Dr Ali Sebaa Al Marri said: “The ‘Future Trip’ programme has mounted itself as an progressive educational instrument for coaching leaders to make informed, efficient choices in an generation of international transformations and fast technological improvement brought about by the Fourth Industrial Revolution. This evolution compels us to be prepared, implement tremendous government policies, and assist improvement in all sectors through smart solutions and a forward-thinking vision that takes challenges into account and finds pragmatic solutions for them.”

“This fifth station provided a chance for contributors to share experiences and visions, in addition to exploring outstanding smart solutions and techniques to forecast the future of governments and their impact on services and development,” H.E. added. “Furthermore, it introduced attendees to remarkable initiatives and international practices, permitting them to contribute to improving government systems and making ready them for the challenges of the future.”
H.E. Dr Al Marri asserted that MBRSG is dedicated to growing and reinventing its educational infrastructure to train national cadres throughout all sectors, all while figuring out distinguished trends in government and growing training programmes to capitalize on them.
The School strives to assist government leaders hone their capabilities and to make contributions to enforcing state policies.
Dr Al Marri stated he was delighted to be concluding the third edition of the ‘Future Trip’ programme, wishing all graduates good luck in the new phase of their careers they are about to embark on, and urging them to work with dedication to enhance their respective workplaces, and play their part in shaping a good future for the UAE.
For his part, Professor Raed Awamleh, Dean of the Mohammed bin Rashid School of Government, expressed his pride by the growth made by the contributors at the fifth station of the ‘Future Trip 3.0’ programme, which he describes as an excellent chance to qualify and empower future leaders in both the government and the private sector.

“The Future Trip programme has come to be considered as an academic reference, playing a huge role in training the national faculty and improving their potential to face the challenges of the future,” Prof. Awamleh added. “The 5 stations of the programme, where we visited countless local and countries to explore government fine practices, and provide insight, expertise, and knowledge to the participants. The significance of the programme stems from its interactive academic trips, which facilitate the exchange of expertise and assist train leaders to improve plans and techniques for all future scenarios. These progressive techniques target to have an effect on tremendous change that will, in turn, drive growth in the overall improvement of the UAE.”

Awamleh thanked the participants, stressing that MBRSG strives towards non-stop academic improvement and the advent of academic and training programmes to qualify and empower national cadres to lead the way to the future.

The agenda for day one comprised a workshop entitled ‘Uses for Artificial Intelligence in Government’, which boarded the theme of empowering leaders and decision makers to build innovative, AI-powered government institutions. The session shed light on present day and future AI applications and their influence on the life-style and attitude of community members. Additionally, the workshop included the history of AI and its uses in government information and services. It explored methods for institutions to operate AI to attain their goals.
On day two, a field visit to the Artificial Intelligence Office, introduced participants to the UAE Centennial 2071Strategy, as well as the UAE Strategy for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which are looking for to enhance government performance using advanced AI technologies and tools.

Day two also covered a visit to the Smart Dubai Department to explore its huge portfolio of 130 initiatives, carried out in partnership with several government and private entities. Most remarkable among these launches were the Dubai Data Initiative, Blockchain Strategy, Happiness Agenda, AI Roadmap, and the Dubai Paperless Strategy.
The third edition of MBRSG’s ‘Future Trip’ programme consisted of five ‘stations’; it took place over the course of five months starting in September 2019. The programme’s huge and varied agenda covered workshops and field visits to government and private entities. It sought to empower the government leaders of the future, educating them on the present day technologies and developments in government administration. Participants benefitted from the chance to explore the present day government initiatives in smart cities, open data, future forecasting, and sustainable development, in addition to international trends in institutional excellence, among different topics.