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SentinelOne Praised for EPDR Innovation in KuppingerCole 2020 Market Compass for Endpoint Protection, Detection, and Response

SentinelOne Praised for EPDR Innovation in KuppingerCole 2020 Market Compass for Endpoint Protection, Detection, and Response

SentinelOne, the autonomous cybersecurity platform company, today revealed the company was identified as the Endpoint Protection, Detection and Response (EPDR) featured innovation vender in KuppingerCole’s 2020 Market Compass for Endpoint Protection, Discovery and Response. 

SentinelOne earned the highest scores for 8 out of 9 criteria in the report, underlining the company’s dedication to freeing enterprises from ineffective, standard products which are inappropriate against modern-day cyber-attacks with its autonomous platform.

KuppingerCole is the best European analyst house offering the most authentic opinion on the Information Security, Identity and Access Management, Governance, Risk Management, Compliance and Digital Transformation sectors. 

In their newest Market Compass, SentinelOne earned ‘strong positive’ ratings in security, interoperability, usability, deployment, malware security, threat pursuit, automated responses, and common functions. 

The report highlights SentinelOne’s advanced EDR features, state-of-the-art ML detection models, and information to replace multiple varieties of endpoint and network security tools with a single solution to stop, identify, investigate and respond to cyberthreats across all enterprise IT assets, from IoT devices to the data centre and the cloud.

“Most popular and next-generation methods only rely on scanning files to detect attacks, which makes them remarkably vulnerable to new attack methods,” Daniel Bernard, CMO, SentinelOne.

“The deficiencies of other products are particularly relevant to today’s live and lifeless attacks. 

The KuppingerCole designation confirms that SentinelOne is the only next-gen solution that autonomously supports every endpoint against every type of attack, at all stage in the threat lifecycle, purely using AI.”

SentinelOne is the only cybersecurity platform that envelops the prevention, detection, and response capacities across endpoints, vessels, cloud workloads, and IoT devices in a single, entirely independent platform - using limited behavioural and static AI models to deliver security with an ideal administration impression. 

With SentinelOne, organizations scale their cybersecurity with an AI-powered solution that provides full transparency into everything that is happening across the network at machine speed and successfully replaces traditional antivirus.

KuppingerCole’s Market Compass presents a detailed analysis of the Endpoint Protection, Detection and Response market and its key players to help information security leaders find the right vendors and products that best fit their cybersecurity needs