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Al Waleed Investment Group opens new hotel in Jumeira

Al Waleed Investment Group opens new hotel in Jumeira

Despite the harsh outcomes of the coronavirus (COVID-19) appearing on the global hospitality industry, Dubai-based Al Waleed Investment Group revealed the opening of the first hotel facility in Jumeira, Dubai which ensures that the methods and means by the government to actively and continuously push the business wheel would revive the world to live ere the pandemic. 

Substantiating this confidence and our belief in the future of the local economic system and the tourism sector, which has begun to retrieve its glow with the reopening of airports and operation of airlines, within the vision of the stable government of the post-COVID-19 phase, Al Waleed Investment Group revealed the commencement of the first hotel facility since the spread of the virus. 

The hotel will be near to the most prominent visitor and recreational landmarks and next to the enchanting Arabian Sea beach. 

Businessman Mohammed Abdul Razak Al-Mutawa, President of Al Waleed Investment Group, says, "The great majority of business sectors felt from the global consequences of COVID-19, and the drop in the performance of economic activities like restaurants, tourism, aviation, etc. 

The range of difficulties widened in the face of governments, turning them to succeed in the current crisis and draw tools for returning the practice in general to its previous time". 

Al-Mutawa added, "History stands signatory to the merits of the UAE and its smart government in succeeding crises; it is even one of the countries most proficient of winning the coronavirus pandemic, which our well-informed leadership observed as a test of its ability to change challenges into successes, with the transformation into a regional and global centre for medicine and science. 

And technology, it was the first to start the slogan 'Post-Corona' and today, we began to see this change and progress in all business areas on the background of the plan to resume markets and support and stimulate the economy." 

Al Waleed Investment announced the opening and development of its new Beach Walk Hotel (BEACH WALK) on Jumeirah Street, steps away from Dubai's beaches and about 20 minutes from Dubai International Airport. 

It has a contemporary design, modern architecture, and 80 rooms in various styles, including classic, deluxe, premium, executive, and family, at the cost of 100 million dirhams. 

Beach Walk Hotel offers a variety of appropriate, detailed, and modern atmospheres that perfectly meet the needs of tourists seeking to travel the centre while enjoying on the beach.